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That’s about as low as they go…

American Airlines continues to offer some of the best frequent flyer miles around, with low rates using points to the best places on earth via their AAdvantage program. But if you’re in need of a quick points fix to book a flight, you’re usually faced with buying miles at painful rates directly from American Airlines. For a limited time, you can beat that conundrum, paying rates lower than American Airlines ever sells points! It sounds a bit crazy – but it’s true, so here’s how to take advantage, while it lasts…

a plane flying in the skyFirst Things First

You must have an American Airlines AAdvantage and a Starwood Preferred Guest account. If you don’t have either, no sweat – they’re both free and take minutes to create. Once you’ve got those squared away, you’ll need to click this link and register for the bonus points promotion being offered by American Airlines. In the promotion, you’ll get a 25% bonus when you convert certain hotel points into American Airlines AAdvantage miles. Simple enough, right? Just register now to make things easy.

Buy SPG Points

This sounds strange, but it will all soon make sense. Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) is offering one of their rare, lucrative 35% off points sales. Via the sale, you can purchase 20,000 SPG points for $455 all in. These points can then be converted into 25,000 airline miles of your choosing. For this purpose, you’re choosing the American Airlines AAdvantage program. Why? Because they’re offering a bonus. You’re combining a sale and a bonus, to win. The SPG sale ends May 31st, 2018, but you’ll want to buy points at least a week beforehand for safety. You can buy points here.

Transfer To American

Once you’ve got your SPG points into your account after your sale purchase, you’re ready to send them over to American Airlines. You can do so here. Since you’ve already registered for the 25% bonus offer when transferring hotel points into American Airlines miles, your 20,000 SPG points will magically become 31,250 American Airlines AAdvantage miles. At a rate of 1.45 cents per mile in USD, that’s an incredible rate. If you’re paying in GBP, it’s wild! Your SPG points must convert into American Airlines before May 31st, so leave at least a week for the transfer to go through. Two weeks certainly wouldn’t hurt. But hey, why not do it now?

Are you a buyer at this price?

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