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This won’t last, so go fast…

Occasionally, amazing promotional deals pop up where brands gain access to iPass, the company which offers unlimited inflight wifi on more than 33 airlines. When these passes come along, they sell out fast and disappear. A new website is offering a 3 month iPass subscription for just $10 per month, giving you the opportunity to lock in 3 months of unlimited in flight wifi, even on international flights for about $30. That’s impossible to beat…

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The iPass network provides seamless login to in flight wifi networks on over 33 airlines, including those that use Gogo, Panasonic and Deutsch Telekom networks. A few highlight airlines include American, Lufthansa, Etihad, Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada, Air France, KLM, Aer Lingus, JAL, EVA Air, Singapore, China Air and more. If your flight uses Gogo, Panasonic or Deutsch Telekom wifi, it should be covered. Delta and United, for example both use Gogo for many, but not all flights.

The Offer

AirlineCheckins.com is a service which *can* automatically check you in for flights, the moment the flight opens. You can load your check in preferences like aisle, window and so forth and even upload data so that the service handles it all for you. This can be handy. Whether you want it to actually check you in or not, you can pay €9 per month (with discount code) for a 3 month iPass pass. That’s unlimited domestic and international wifi for 3 months on 33 or more airlines for $30. After the three months is up, you’ll have to hope you can renew. Either way, it’s a brilliant deal.

How To Sign Up

There’s no telling how many of these iPass wifi passes AirlineCheckins.com have, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Realistically, you’d make your money back in a single flight, so there’s very little to lose here. You can sign up for an account, and then upgrade to “Premium” to unlock your iPass account. You don’t actually have to use the AirlineCheckins.com flight service, though it does sound nice. You can enter code “earlybird10” to try and take some extra dough off.

Are you getting this great wifi offer while it’s out?

Thanks to YHBU for the tip!

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  1. From United’s website the aircraft type determines the WiFi provider. In some cases it is Gogo but Panasonic, Thales, and ViaSat are also possibilities. I think you need to research first to find if you’ll really get full use of this service before subscribing.

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