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Having airline elite status may not be what it once was, but for frequent guests of one terminal, there will soon be four incredible reasons to keep it. Behind the duty free shops, away from the luxury boutiques and all the food courts of the terminal, one corner of Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 will soon be home to more of the world’s best lounges than virtually any other airport on earth.

a room with chairs and tablesCathay, American and British Airways each presently offer refined lounges in London Heathrow’s Terminal 3. Cathay Pacific and American offer separate first class lounges, which are critically received amongst the very best in Europe. And now, enter Qantas. The airline eyes an expanded role at Heathrow, and will open their own stunning facility in the final quarter of 2017, giving four world class lounge options to OneWorld flyers, in a single terminal. But that’s just OneWorld..

a reception desk in a roomThe Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is a perennial favorite amongst travelers, offering waiter service, refined food and delicious cocktails – not to mention a jacuzzi, movie theatre, billiards table and hairdresser. Or of course, there’s another airline you may be familiar with, offering yet another world class facility: Emirates operates a flagship lounge location in Terminal 3 as well. Add in lounges accessible to all passengers – and despite considerable competiton from Hong Kong Airport, it’s fair to say – one terminal will have better airport lounges than any other on earth, and it’s Heathrow Terminal 3.

Will you be popping into one of these?

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  1. We did the VA lounge in LHR – simply fantastic!!! It’s worth flying Delta One back to the US from the EU through London just to get a few hours time in there. Personally, this is one of the best out there, right up there with Emirates and almost as good as LH F.

  2. Certainly a contrast with noisy Bloomin Awfuls T5 canteens… The first / concorde experience excepted… How can BA hope to compete with the quality of the existing offer for regular business class passengers.
    Not all bad though the recent announcement about boarding seems rational and is likely to improve things all round… Don’t understand the outcry given many airlines have been using this process for years. At last a single positive in an ocean of reasons to #flyabba

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