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People travel hard, work hard and spend hard to earn travel perks, and among them vouchers can be the very best. Whether it’s two people travelling for the price in miles of one, or upgrade certificates to turn an average hotel night into a fabulous suite, you certainly want to be able to use what you’ve earned.

To keep track of daily changes, we’ve created a master list of airlines and hotels which are extending the validity of their various vouchers, and fro how long. Here’s what we’ve got, so please add to anything we’re missing in the comments!

a plane on the runwayBritish Airways

British Airways is extending the validity of their BA Amex (UK) credit card 2 for 1 vouchers by 6 months. For now, this does not include vouchers issued after March 23rd, 2020, so if you have a new voucher, it will likely follow the standard 2 year validity.

The airline has been silent on extending loyalty perks, such as upgrades earned as Gold members of the BA Executive Club, and has not mentioned any concrete elite status extensions, of yet.

Delta Airlines

Delta announced an extension of benefits set to expire before June 31st, 2020, to the end of 2020. This includes $200 airline fee credits, Medallion upgrade certificates and companion vouchers earned via the Delta Amex Credit Cards.

Delta notes it will reevaluate the situation, if necessary, should travel disruption remain longer than expected. Elite status extensions are said to be under discussion…

Hilton Honors

All Hilton “Free Weekend Night” certificates earned via credit cards are being extended through summer 2021, for all vouchers issued before August 30th of this year. This applies for US certs only.

Hilton is also extending all elite status by either one or two years, so those with status set to expire in 2020 will have it extended to 2021, and those who have qualified for 2020 will have it until 2022! Amazing stuff.

IHG Rewards

IHG Rewards is offering a 6 month extension of all “free night” certificates, but unfortunately they are making you call in to get the validity extended.

This means if you do not call, your certificate won’t be extended. With any hope, this will change, but for now, it’s better to call in and ensure your certificate is extended than to miss out entirely.

intercontinental vietnamMarriott Bonvoy

Marriott Bonvoy is extending “free night” certificates earned via credit cards through to January 31st, 2021. The extensions are expected to process in early April and should be done automatically.

January 31st, 2021 doesn’t give you a massive extension, quite like Hilton’s through end of summer 2021, but it’s better than nothing.

Virgin Atlantic

Pretty much all Virgin Atlantic vouchers for clubhouse, upgrades or companions are being extended for 6 months, provided they did not expire before March 13th, 2020. This includes all vouchers from the UK and US Virgin Atlantic credit cards…

Virgin is also extending elite status by 6 months, and offering extra tier points and miles for new bookings going forward.

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