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It’s Friday, it’s just about time to kick up the heels, boots or sneakers and be at ease for the weekend. As always, that means it’s also time to put that leisure to use and plan your next trip. When doing so, you’ll want to save miles, earn miles and get the best deals. Here’s the most important scoop of the day on each front!

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EARN Delta, Virgin America OR Qantas Miles For Airbnb Stays…

This week Delta joined Virgin America and Qantas among the first group of airlines to embrace Airbnb, the rental company seen as disruptors in the hotel industry. The company which allows anyone to rent out an apartment, room, house, mansion or whatever else they may want aside from a hotel is increasingly popular, especially as major hotels merge and head further towards price collusion (jacking the prices up because they can). To earn Delta miles for Airbnb stays you’ll need to book through the site Delta set up for the partnership, found HERE.

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Singapore Air Offering 30% Off Booking With Miles In Economy + Premium Economy…

Singapore Airline’s Krisflyer (frequent flyer) program offers excellent value in all cabins. It’s the program people transfer their credit card points to in hopes of trying out some of the coolest cabins in the world. For flights departing between February 6th 2017 and May 31st, bookers using miles can now receive 30% off the cost in miles in either Economy or Premium Economy. Sadly Business and First Class have been left out. Oh well. To take advantage, check out the offer page here and see if you can save some miles! LINK HERE.

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Ryanair Attacking Lufthansa + Eurowings In Frankfurt…

Ryanair is aggressively expanding again, this time setting it’s sights on Germany and even more specifically, directly at the flag carrier Lufthansa’s low cost subsidiary Eurowings. The airline has long wanted to tread into Frankfurt and has been continuously blocked, hampered, booed and so forth. They’ve officially landed in Frankfurt, their fares are low and we can expect to see major competition between Eurowings, Lufthansa and Ryanair, which will then likely force the hand of other operators in Frankfurt (cough, British Airways and co) to follow suit.

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