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No change fees, no cancellation fees and you can book up to an hour before flight. What’s not to love? With Air Canada’s latest move to get travelers back into the skies, maybe nothing, actually. Air Canada is really offering unlimited flight passes, which offer 3 months of unlimited domestic travel, but there’s only one week to buy them.

With international travel a constant minefield for the moment, Air Canada is focusing on domestic travel, highlighting the unique regions which make Canada such a desired place the world over. With stunning attractions East, West and Central, burgeoning wine regions and fantastic autumn weather that’s pretty easy to do.

The airline is offering unlimited “all you can fly” passes from September 16th-23rd, starting at just $2260CAD – about $1700USD per month, for up to three months of travel. There’s no requirement to purchase more than one month. So in theory, you could travel every day for a month, all for $2260.

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Happily, the pass includes all the standard big cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Winnipeg, Toronto, but also hard to reach regional areas which can often be frightfully expensive. Yellowknife, a favorite for spotting the Northern Lights is included, as is St. John, Prince Edward Island and Halifax. Of course, the “other” Sydney is also included, but make sure you realize there won’t be any kangaroos before booking.

For high rollers, $5650CAD per month gets you a “Latitude Pass” which entitles you to complimentary business class upgrades from 48 hours out of departure, if any seats are available.

So How Does Air Canadas Flight Pass Work?

Basically, the more you pay, the greater chance your flight won’t be “sold out”, but you should be fine anyway, given the times and the minimal restrictions. Air Canada even has a handy feature, where you can preview current availability to book, based on each different level of pass. One must for the Air Canada Flight Pass: joining Aeroplan first.

The Air Canada Unlimited Flight Pass offers Standard, Flex, and Altitude levels of purchase. In addition to greater seat availability on more expensive options, you also enjoy other perks, like increased Altitude Qualifying Miles, which can get you more perks in the Air Canada “Altitude” loyalty program. Air Canada adds…

  • Unlimited flights within Canada for one fixed price.
  • Customers are eligible to accumulate (fixed) Altitude Qualifying Miles.
  • Book up to one hour prior to the flight, with no blackout dates or restrictions
  • No change or cancellation fees.
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If you purchase standard, you’ll need a standard economy fare, coded as “S” or below to be available for you to jump onto a flight. This will always typically be available a few weeks, or even days before a flight, but less likely “on the day”.

“Flex” passes with the Air Canada offer the ability to book into “M” level fares or below, which are typically always available, unless a flight is sold out. For those who purchase a “Altitude” pass, the most expensive option, you’ll be able to book as long as there’s “Y” seat availability, which is a booking code almost always available, sometimes even if a flight is technically full.

So which is the best Air Canada Unlimited Flight Pass?

The “Flex” pass seems to be a winner here, offering double the elite qualifying miles, and a much easier fare to book into, particularly for last minute travel. Each option will see huge winners, and that’s probably why Air Canada is only offering the passes for a week, and one week only.

Oh, and just remember, once you purchase – your pass is live! So if you’re not going to travel until later in the offer period, wait a few days to purchase. Sadly, you can’t buy now for travel next year.

For high rollers without elite status already, being able to fly unlimited business class for a month and guarantee that extra space for what’s basically just double ain’t bad either. However you make use of the pass, it’s a really creative approach to travel right now from Air Canada, and one we can only hope catches on elsewhere.

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