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Air Canada and Aeroplan have been two of the most exciting travel brands during the global pandemic, with each creating unique and forward thinking offers to help people earn points from home, or make it worthwhile to travel again, when its advisable to do so. With things like points for Uber Eats and other “Travel At Home” opportunities, Air Canada fans earned 5 billion points from home during the pandemic.

As the world shifts towards reopening, Aeroplan has a lucrative offer for those hoping to travel within Canada, or between Canada and the USA, with a 50% rebate on flights…

a white airplane flying over waterAir Canada: Best Redemption Ever

Air Canada and Aeroplan are looking into the history books, bringing back their best offer since 1984. When you book a reward flight using Aeroplan miles – which can be instantly created using Amex Points, you get 50% of the points back. This effectively means two tickets for the price of one, or one for half price. Here’s how it works…

  • Book an Air Canada flight within Canada, or between the USA and Canada by July 1st, for travel completed between July 1st and October 15th, 2020, get 50% of the points back. 
  • Sweetening the deal, Aeroplan is extending their flexible cancellation policy for points redemption, waving cancellation fees, giving back all your miles, and any taxes and any fees if you cancel. 
  • One ways work just fine, but all flights must be on Air Canada metal – aka actual Air Canada planes. Miles will be credited back to account within 3 weeks of flying.

This level of flexibility is huge, since uncertainty still remains about when the US and Canada will ease border restrictions. Being able to lock these values in now, and then cancel with no penalty if plans change is a huge potential win, with hardly anything to lose.

Whether you’re looking to go from coast to coast, visit family, or to jump ship from the USA into the gorgeous mountain parks of Banff, Whistler and other stunning areas of Canada, or any travel worthy areas of the USA, this is a great bargain which allows you to ease back into travel without a big hit to the wallet. Nice one, Air Canada.

You can check out the promo here.

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  1. When I read this I hoped it would be for flights from Europe/Asia TO the US/Canada. That would have been awesome as I would have taken a few trips in LH F for fun.

  2. Don’t forget that Air Canada refuses to offer refunds for cancelled flights. So while they are securing wins in some areas, they are a big loser in others.

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