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The relaunch of Air Canada’s Aeroplan loyalty program has been a big one. The airline simplified many pain points of loyalty programs, but left fun games to play too.

That means there are great opportunities to use Aeroplan Points for aspirational travel experiences, not just on Air Canada, but Star Alliance partner airlines including United, Swiss, ANA, Lufthansa and more.

For a limited time, there’s an opportunity to buy points with a 100% bonus, doubling your haul for a great price. With so many opportunities to burn points at relatively low rates, this is a points purchase deal worth investigating.

Air Canada Aeroplan: 100% Bonus On Points Purchases

Until February 2nd, Aeroplan is offering a 100% bonus when you buy points, either for yourself, or for someone else. The bonus is the same for purchases and gifts.

How good of a bonus is this? Well, 100% is nearly the highest they’ve ever done. most Aeroplan bonuses top out at 80%, and it’s been nearly a year since we’ve seen 100%. In 2020, they briefly launched a higher bonus, before crashing the servers with demand!

With the promotion, you can buy up to 1,000,000 Aeroplan Points and receive double the amount your money would usually get you.

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In case you’re wondering why people love Aeroplan Points, it’s thanks in large part to a really reasonable chart using points and the fact that Air Canada doesn’t pass pricey surcharges onto customers.

A flight from the US to Europe in Lufthansa’s lovely First Class is 100,000 miles, but the traditional surcharges (nearly $1000) Lufthansa tries to charge for these seats in first aren’t passed onto the customer. So yeah, a lot of miles, not a lot of money.

A seat in business class between the US and Europe on a partner would be between 60,000 to 70,000 miles one way. Flights between North America and Asia can be as few as just 55,000 miles in business class one way, or 7,500 to most of Asia.

Incredible Stopovers For Just 5,000 Miles

Stopovers are fun way to maximize points and vacation time. By using them, you’re able to turn a connection into a few days of fun, or create a side trip within a trip and see an entirely separate country or city, for just a few more points.

Aeroplan charges just 5,000 extra miles to add a stopover onto a ticket, even on one way tickets. And since Aeroplan’s new charts for how many points you’ll need between various places is really generous, this can bring wild value.

Air Canada defines the world as 4 simple regions now: North America, South America, Atlantic and Pacific. The Pacific region covers most of Asia and includes Australia and New Zealand. This means you could fly from the “US to Asia”, but via New Zealand.

You could stopover in New Zealand for days or even weeks, and then carry onto your chosen destination in Asia. You’re just paying the extra 5,000 miles to stopover and effectively create a two in one trip.

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Buy Aeroplan Points With a 100% Point Bonus

A great feature of the Aeroplan program is that it’s a transfer partner of Amex, Chase and Capital One. This means you can quickly and easily convert points into Aeroplan from both credit card programs.

Doing so allows you to book amazing awards by using credit card points to cover as much as possible, but then cleverly top off balances during the best points sales to take you further.

This 100% bonus is as big as Air Canada Aeroplan ever goes, and you’ve got until February 2nd to enjoy the massive bonus. Points can be purchased for under 1.3 cents per mile (USD), which is a stellar value considering how far these points can stretch.

Check out the Air Canada Aeroplan 100% Points Bonus, here.

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