Twelve Apostles scenic coastal view at Castle Rock in pacific ocean in Victoria, Australia

Maybe Australia isn’t that far out of reach, after all…

The thrill of finding a flight deal which opens up a new part of the world to explore is unmatched. A year ago, no one ever would’ve believed real fares with major airlines in the $400’s, but here we are, looking at direct flights on top quality airlines like Virgin Australia. Now is the time to go to Australia, or at least book a trip, because these $446 round trip flight deals will not last long…

Sydney Opera House with pointed roof and stairsThe Australia Flight Deals

Virgin Australia faces seriously stiff competition from Qantas, but with $446 round trip flights, they’re looking pretty darn good right now. So is United. There are deals you can book right now which bring Australia under $450 round trip, without having to grind through connections in Asia or further afield. From LA, you’re looking at purely direct flights. The best deals include…

a screenshot of a flight scheduleEven if you’re not in New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Dallas or California, these deals may still be the best option for you. By using miles or a cheap flight to reach LA, you can take advantage of pricing which may be half or less what you’d pay from your home city. Only you can do that math, but it’s worth doing.

Twelve Apostles scenic coastal view at Castle Rock in pacific ocean in Victoria, AustraliaThe Dates You Can Jet Off

These deals are around throughout the year with the most availability in February, March, April and May and then again in August, September, October, November and early December. Most deals require a minimum stay in Australia of at least 5 days, which shouldn’t be a problem. It’s a long way to go for less!

an airplane on a runwayHow To Book These Flight Bargains

You can book these great deals using the easy links above, which take you directly to the lowest prices from each easy to reach city. Simply change the dates and play around to find something that works perfectly for you. Melbourne is an amazing choice with really cool side trips, and in reality, Sydney is the same! You can’t go wrong.

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