Zero to a hundred, real quick. That’s not an exaggeration. You can literally amass 100,000 miles, or more, for a mere $30 out of pocket, and some easy spending. It’s not crazy, it’s not madness; it’s just smart usage of consumer habits and banking relationships to amass enough points for flights just about anywhere in the world, in serious style. You don’t even have to leave your couch…

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The Deals

Citi American Airlines Mastercard 50,000 Points W/ Waived Fee

Citi and American Airlines are in the honeymoon of their relationship, printing miles like it’s going out of style. For a limited time, they’ve waived the fee for the first year on their card, while upping the points bonus to 50,000 miles after $3,000 in spending in three months. An excellent deal anyone with an apartment, car, cable or phone bill can accomplish. It’s literally doesn’t cost you a cent to earn these miles if you cancel your card after the first year. Link and Details HERE. You’ll need to grab this card first to grab the 50,000 checking bonus….

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CitiGold American Airlines 50,000 Checking Account Bonus

Believe it or not, you can earn 50,000 miles, just for opening a checking account, which by the way, you can fund with a credit card to earn extra points in the process. Citi is offering 50,000 American Airlines miles, or 40,000 Thank You Points for opening a CitiGold checking account to anyone with a Citi American Airlines card after paying one bill, with no minimum, for two consecutive calendar months. The account comes with a fee between $10-$30 per month, which can be waived. We personally were not charged for the first two months and then were for the third, at the $30 rate. There is no penalty to close the account after paying your one bill a month, for two consecutive months, from the account. Once you have the points, you can use them and close it. Full DETAILS HERE.

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Expert Tips + Analysis

We all have bills, we all have to eat and I find it very hard to come across a grown, working human with less than $1000 a month in expenses. With these offers you can earn 100,000 very useful airline miles, enough for a business class ticket almost anywhere, just for paying every day bills, while even avoiding the annual fee the card usually carries. Worst case you experience three months of $30 checking fees, bringing you 100,000 points, worth at least $1600 for $90. That’s a bargain in any language….

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