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That’s not much more than economy on some dates…

From the flight deck, we’re expecting a flight time of 7 hours and 5 minutes, and you don’t care at all because there’s a glass of champagne and a flat bed with Westin pillows waiting. There’s a great sale going on right now from Southeast Asia to Tokyo which allows you to experience the seriously upgraded comforts of business class at prices virtually 1/3 of what you’d usually find. There’s no telling how long this flash sale will last, so get in while the going is good!

a crowd of people crossing a streetThe Flat Bed Deals

Singapore hardly ever gets a good business class sale but Delta’s changing that. Right now you can find $813 round business class flights from Singapore Changi Airport to Tokyo Narita and experience the beautiful fall foliage for yourself! It doesn’t take much convincing to realize that flat beds make a nice difference on a 7 hour flight, especially at this price. The same exact flights in economy are going for $610, so you’re effectively paying just $220 for a round trip upgrade to a bed. Yeah, awesome. The next best price is on ANA from Ho Chi Minh City, at $1100, or $1150 from Bangkok on Cathay which is still half the usual rate.

a woman lying in a bed in an airplaneThe Dates You Can Book

These brilliant prices are available on scattered dates in November and December of 2018 and also in January and February of 2019. Not every date will be available, but there are more than 10 dates in each month and we’ve made super easy to use links which take you directly to the best prices. If you can’t find these, you probably get lost in your own house.

a tree branch over waterHow To Book Business Class

The classic rookie mistake is waiting, assuming these sort of things last forever. News flash: they don’t. If you want to take advantage of 14 hours of business class bliss, firm up your dates and get to booking ASAP. Here are examples of the best deals from Singapore to Tokyo in November, December, January and February. Do note: when you go to book these flights at, the prices will appear as $1150 or so, but that’s Singapore Dollars, not US Dollars. Be sure to double check, but don’t stress, you’re still paying $839USD.

Are you booking one of these great deals?

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  1. It’s not Southeast Asia to Tokyo, it’s Singapore to Tokyo. Where else in Southeast Asia can you book this fare from? Don’t you think that title is misleading? Also , DL sucks. Old crappy 767 beat to S*** with inedible food.

    Another misleading over dramatized post. Why not put “Singapore to Tokyo for $813 on Delta” in the title. Well I guess then no one would click. Wasting peoples time.

      1. I gave you guys 3 cities in Southeast Asia to Tokyo. You can start from Singapore, Ho Chi Minh or Bangkok at exceptionally good prices. I leave you with 3 questions.

        1) Are either of these three cities NOT in Southeast Asia.
        2) Can the prices described indeed be found, with flat beds?
        3) What, if anything, is inaccurate then?

    1. Ryan: “Why not put “Singapore to Tokyo for $813 on Delta” in the title.”

      Me: Because great fares are available from 3 or more cities, and $813 isn’t one of them.

  2. I must just laugh on these comme ts. The guy gives you some good deals amd all i can read is blabla complains. @Ryan If you dont like it dont take it. I think you stressed out from TPg headlines. Relax man.

  3. How about from Dallas Tx to Laos ( Vientiane) on October 1 to 30 how Much for two ticket round trip?
    Please reply back.

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