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You had me at salted butter and caramel…

London’s a very big city. Walking around and taking in its many delights can be extremely tiring – but don’t fret. The perfect sweet toothed pick-me-up is never very far away. In a city so large it can be hard to peruse through what looks good and what’s actually good. Fortunately, with these hand picked places, we’ve covered both. Guaranteed to please your sweet tooth and become the envy of your Instagram followers – these places hit the spot.

a collection of colorful dessertsMaître Choux

If you’re a lover of choux pastry, then you’re in luck. Three Michelin star chef, Joakim Prat, has nailed all things choux with truly incredible flavors. The eclairs don’t just look like they’ve come from a fine dining restaurant, they taste out of this world too. Our pick? Try the salted butter with homemade caramel or the Spanish raspberry – simply delicious.

Link: Maître Choux

a cup of chocolate ice creamDark Sugars Cocoa House

Nothing beats a warming hot chocolate on a cold windy day, but these take it to the next level. The drinks are topped with endless chocolate shavings making them richly picture perfect. And we haven’t even started on the flavors! Think hazelnut praline, spicy cardamom, salted caramel. Oh, and the house made and delicately crafted chocolates and truffles are equally spectacular.

Link: Dark Sugars

a group of doughnuts with different toppingsBread Ahead

If you’re dreaming of bursting doughnuts with incredible juicy jams and cream (that’s a thing in the UK), then this is your spot. Not only are the doughnuts completely yummy, there’s plenty of fresh bread and pastry to drool over here, too. And if you’re looking to recreate some of these masterful delicacies, they offer top notch courses and workshops.

Link: Bread Ahead

a group of cupcakes with raspberries and whipped creamPrimrose Bakery

There are so many amazing cupcakeries (that should totally be a word) these days, it’s really hard to single out just one. But the unique flavors and delicate truly homemade touch of the cupcakes from Primrose Bakery are way up there. Oh, and they do cocktail cupcakes too, if you’re into that kinda thing. If you’re in another part of town, other worthy and delicious options like Flavourtown Bakery, Lola’s, Hummingbird and Violet will do the trick. Wherever you are in London, you’ll never be too far from one of these.

Link: Primrose Bakery

a close up of foodCutter & Squidge

Are you a cookie, biscuit, cake, buttercream or brownie person? Don’t worry, it’s a trick question, there’s no need to decide here. At Cutter & Squidge they manage to combine everything you love into one outstanding treat. The pretty looking dessert may not be the easiest thing to eat, but it sure does taste good.

Link: Cutter & Squidge

a pile of cookies with white and brown circlesBen’s Cookies

With nine locations around London, you shouldn’t have too much trouble discovering one of these delectable cookies. What these cookies lack in quirkiness, they gain in insatiable filling. Stuffed full of chocolate chunks, nuts, fruit or whatever you crave, these are perfect at all times of day. The massive chunks of indulgence are completely heavenly.

Link: Ben’s Cookies

a group of drinks on platesSoft Serve Society

Soft serve ice cream may take you back to your childhood days of running down the street for the ice cream man, but this is completely different. These out of this world milkshakes and diverse selection of soft serve flavors will impress even the most astute connoisseurs and leave them reeling for more. They also make for the perfect #foodiesofinstagram post, not that you’ll be able to think about anything else.

Link: Soft Serve Society

a group of ice cream conesBlu Top Ice Cream

This is not just ice cream, this is ice cream sandwiches to infinity and beyond – and they’re truly unbelievable. Pick your choice of unique, mouthwatering ice cream flavor and have it promptly stuck between two freshly baked brown butter cookies. BROWN BUTTER COOKIES. Drooling is totally fair here. Pick from selections like brown sugar with raspberry jam, white coffee, banana-scotch, sweet honey cornbread and oh so many more!

Link: Blu Top Ice Cream

Have you sampled these London delights?

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  1. A fantastic late night spot I discovered on foot was a place called “Said” in Soho area of London. Open very late outstanding chocolate concoctions made in house. Hard and soft,
    Melted chocolate. The original location is in Rome but London is their only location outside Rome.

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