a large white airplane on a runway

Viva la Mexico! Laura and I will depart for the land of tequila, cowboy hats and sunshine this Sunday after a victorious battle with Delta’s Broken Award Booking Engine. Without having flown it, as an aviation nerd, I think the Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” is cool. The plane is the first significantly different approach to in air passenger technology in many years and frankly I just can’t wait to try it. Here are five reasons I think that it’s neat.

a large white airplane on a runway


If you, like me, are similar to a dog sticking its head out of a car window on an airplane, this is the jet for you. The Dreamliner offers larger windows which can be tinted like sunglasses with the touch of a button.  It’s like Instagram for the eyes…

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Air Pressure changes can be brutal on the body. Higher cabin pressure found on planes means drier throats, itchy eyes and runny noses. The 787 is the first plane to successfully lower the cabin pressure, as well as add a filtration system to keep fresher more humid oxygen flowing, decreasing the effects of jet lag. 

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Reduced Cabin Noise

Light sleeper or don’t want to miss a knee slapper from the in flight entertainment? The 787 has significantly reduced cabin noise by incorporating new engine technology, which keeps them humming quieter while making more sound proof cabin composites.

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Mood Lighting

The Dreamliner will attempt to influence your mood and perceived time of day. The plane can gradually dim and light to reflect the changes of night in to day, dusk into dawn so on and so forth. The plane will also offer color schemes to effect moods, such as violet for sleep and tranquility. 

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It’s New..

Whether you know it or not the hunk of metal you are likely flying on (except the A380) is most likely old. Depending on the carrier or type, there is even a fair chance it can order itself a drink. Planes have been rolling off the assembly line and even the oldest Dreamliner’s first flights only date back to late 2011. In the instance of this AeroMexico 787, I will be flying on an aircraft which is yet to celebrate its third birthday.

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Back To The Future suggested that we might all be getting around on hoverboards this year, but I think we might be a bit behind. I personally had hoped that aviation would go the sonic route in the near future, but it appears that the concern is more towards reducing fuel, reducing environmental effects and making a quieter, cleaner world which is probably for the best. Until quiet and green technology comes along that sends us from New York to London faster than the Concorde, I will relish the opportunity to fly new birds like this one….

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