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Every once in a while a perfect storm comes together to bring you an amazing air travel experience. Today: that perfect storm involves rock bottom premium economy prices, easy upgrades using points and a truly phenomenal destination. Muscat is one of the most sought after places in 2018 and with a flurry of jaw dropping hotels opening their doors, there’s never been a better time to visit. Here’s everything you need to know, to fly business class to Oman on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner for a faction of the price…

a large building with towers and a garden of flowers with Rashtrapati Bhavan in the backgroundThe Deals

British Airways is running a ridiculously low sale for premium economy to Muscat. Less than an hours flight from Dubai, this could be a deal to take advantage of, even if your final destination isn’t Muscat. But assuming it is, and you want to check out the incredible beaches, trending mountains and the resorts you’ll never want to actually leave – these £515 direct flights from London are absurdly good value. If availability exists, these flights can be instantly upgraded to Club World business class for between 20,000-24,500 miles per person each way. £515 and 40,000 miles for round trip business class is about as good as it gets for the 14+ hour round trip journey.

a plane flying above the cloudsIncredible Irony For Points Nerds

In this deal you’re actually booking a flight using cash and then calling to upgrade with points. Because you booked with cash originally, you’ll earn tier points for elite status and Avios points you can use for future flights back in return. Ironically – if you were making a booking just using points to book these flights, you’d earn no points back at all and pay 120,000 points and £550 in surcharges! You’re saving £35 and 80,000 points by actually paying for a flight versus using points – and you’ll earn points and miles back! It’s bonkers!

a bed in a planeThe Dates

These deals are available from now thru November 2018 for departures on Sunday, Wednesday or Thursday. For those hoping for some quick sunshine, you’ll be pleased to know that there doesn’t seem to be a minimum stay requirement either! These deals are extremely easy to pull up on British Airways website, to ensure you can upgrade.

a pool with palm trees and a beachHow To Book

Simply head to BritishAirways.com and search for flights from London (LHR) to Muscat (MCT) during the dates described above. You should easily find prices of £515 round trip in each month up to November and the calendar of prices on British Airways booking site will help you find the cheapest days. Premium economy for a 7 hour flight in each direction is perfectly nice, and you’ll earn a nice chunk of points – but taking things to business class could make it epic. If you’re having trouble finding the deals on British Airways site, click here to look at another calendar of prices. Enter promo code BAMember50 to take £50 off!

a bar with many bottles and glasses from the ceilingHow To Upgrade

Before booking your flights using cash, login to your British Airways account and search for flights using points. If a flight using points is available in business class on the same flight where you’re paying cash to book premium, you can instantly phone up British Airways after booking to upgrade for between 20,000 -24,500 points each way depending on when you travel. Here’s the full scoop on how to upgrade using points over the phone, or to set free alerts to find seats if business class isn’t immediately available.

Enjoy Muscat – it’s one of the trending destinations of 2018!

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  1. The total trip will cost circa £1000 + 40k points since £550 is the price for premium economy but an additional £500-ish is needed to cover charges for the points-based upgrade, unless I’m missing a trick here.

      1. Aaah. I was wondering why the emphasis is on book and then upgrade rather than book+upgrade. Now I know 🙂

  2. Just to be clear, using BA’s upgrade with AVIOS at booking…the fares are never as low as available otherwise, the times I’ve checked. In other words, you can book it without the upgrade at one price…book WITH upgrade, it seems to jump.

    Or am I missing something?

    1. This is specifically DO NOT book and upgrade with avios at once. Book, and then call. If we did not make that abundantly clear I apologize.

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