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If you’re reading this, the first step is already complete. You’ve either got plans to travel to Asia or are seriously considering it. Well done, you! If you’re still thinking – it’s worth it. Traveling to Asia is such an eye opening and exciting experience and one that everyone must do, at least once in a lifetime, even if just for the noodles. If you do happen to find yourself in the Far East, specifically Southeast Asia, Singapore is a must stop destination, which just might be the best place to end any vacation. Here’s why…

a city skyline with a body of waterCultural Fusion

No matter where you’ve come from, Singapore absolutely has something for everyone. Its culture borrows influence from Malay, East Asian, South Asian and Eurasian, meaning there’s not much you won’t be able to find within the city. You can walk from Little India to Chinatown to Kampong Glam, all whilst feeling hints of Europe as you wander. If you’re looking to try Indian street food, but a bit intimidated by Delhi, this is a perfect place to do a test run. If you’re looking for amazing Cantonese food, but aren’t quite ready for mainland China, you’ll get the closest experience. You get the gist…


Singapore has excellent connectivity to the world with direct flights to most main hubs in Europe, America and Australia, and non stop connections to virtually all of Asia. Nobody wants stress on holiday, and Singapore’s Changi Airport is easily the least stressful airport in the entire world. In fact, it’s won awards for it. The airport features a butterfly garden, movie theatre, and soon – the world’s largest indoor waterfall. You’ll hardly know you’re at the airport for the ride home, which should help to quell any post holiday blues.

a table with a view of a city and a riverFantastic Hotels

There are hundreds of hotels to choose from in Singapore, whether you’re looking to splurge on indulgent club lounges at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Bay or go for cheap and cheerful at one of the many boutiques. The level of service and cleanliness found throughout the city can make even average and affordable hotels rival a high end spot in many parts of the world, and with excellent public transport throughout the city via the MRT, you really can’t go wrong wherever you choose.


Singapore is the perfect place to toast your big Asia trip – especially if you’re into your cocktails. Singapore has 6 of the world’s best 50 bars and 12 of the best 50 in Asia, including two in the top 5, with bars Manhattan and Atlas. If you’re a gin fan, Atlas offers more than 1,000 gins, and even vintage cocktails, with booze dating back to the 1920’s. No matter which part of town you are staying in, you’ll never be too far from somewhere that’s definitely worth stopping for a few farewell holiday drinks.

a group of trees with purple lightsGreen, Clean and Safe

Singapore is one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world. In fact, it ranks #2 behind Tokyo according to the Economist’s intelligence report and #1 on the Gallup report. The city will send you home, frankly,  wondering why more places on earth are not like it. With good reason, it is known as “the garden city” and everywhere you go you will see lush greenery, parks, trees and plants – on, in and around buildings. From the Botanical Gardens to the Gardens by The Bay, there’s beauty everywhere.

Have you been to Singapore?

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  1. Agreed….was just there for my second time. I decided to start here for an Asia trip not only because it’s amazing, but the Marina Bay Sands gave me two free nights after my initial 1-night stay about 7 months ago. Book direct with them and the offers may bring you back. Probably the most amazing hotel in the world!

  2. I agree. I enjoyed the Marina Bay Sands, too. I discovered the secret to having the amazing pool to myself. Go up when it first opens, early in the morning. Watch the sun come up!

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