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Have you ever wondered how many miles you’ll earn from a flight? Thought so. Without any manual math calculations or needing to redirect your internet browser, a cool new extension will tell everything you want to know. It’s called 30k, and we think it just might be one of the most helpful free tools out there…

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30k is a browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser. It’s our personal favorite browser and an excellent choice, only made more excellent by these nifty extensions. If you don’t use and refuse to switch to Google Chrome, the app is rolling out extensions for other browsers, at some point. Once (easily) installed, 30k will just hide in the corner of your browser, jumping to action whenever you search flights on Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, CheapTickets, Hotwire and Wotif.

So What Does It Actually Do?

The best way to use 30k is by signing up for their free program, which helps track your elite status and points with different airlines. This is totally private of course. The reason you do this, is so the extension can better show how many miles you’ll earn with any search result on any of the sites mentioned. It will also mention whether the specific fare type is upgradeable on that airline. Pretty cool. So download the browser, create an easy to use profile and start searching.

How To Use It

It really couldn’t be easier. When you search on Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, CheapTickets, Hotwire and Wotif, the extension will automatically add a little section in each flight results with how many points and miles you’ll earn. All you need to do is click to display the details. There’s a good tutorial here. It will do this automatically for every result on every airline. The more it knows about your points or status, the more specific and helpful it can be. Plus- who doesn’t want to know if they can upgrade in advance? Yeah: nobody.

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