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In case you hadn’t heard, Tesco and its Clubcard ditched other airlines and has named Virgin Atlantic Flying Club as the exclusive airline partner. This means going forward, you’ll only be able to exchange your Tesco Clubcard vouchers for Virgin Points, and not miles from other frequent flyer programs.

For Virgin fans, this is instantly good news, because Virgin Atlantic is offering 2,000 Virgin Points right away, when you set Virgin Points as your automatic exchange each month. Plus, you’ll be entered to win one of 15 prizes of 40,000 points on each of the first three auto-exchanges.

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Virgin Atlantic Flying Club is the official new and exclusive loyalty program partner of Tesco Clubcard. Obviously, people are excited, so they’re throwing points out like it’s 1984 and Richard Branson just launched the airline.

When you link your Virgin Atlantic account for auto-exchange, where your Tesco vouchers automatically become Virgin Points, you’ll earn 2,000 points as a ‘thanks’ for doing so. Plus, as noted, you’ll be entered into the prize draws automatically.

You can do all of this at the Tesco page which has a full explainer.

Should you? Well, it’s hard to think of many reasons not to. Virgin is in the midst of launching Virgin Red, a massive loyalty program which spans the Virgin brands, and means your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles, which are now Virgin Points anyway, will soon have many more uses, all the way down to buying things at a local Greggs.

Virgin Atlantic offers a variety of clever ways to cash in Virgin Points for better experiences, such as upgrade from Premium Economy to Upper Class, which for about 20,000 points and £100 one way turn a nice trip into a luxurious one. Here’s a round up of all the best ways to maximize Virgin Points.

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  1. Americans can’t do this, can they? I’m not sure you can even get the Tesco membership with a US address

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