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Everyone’s looking for a little sliver of hope and excitement to start 2021 off on better footing than 2021. That’s already proving nearly impossible. But despite it all, there’s a nude cruise now scheduled to depart in 2022.

If you’ve yearned to live the Kate & Leo Titanic moment for yourself (the breezy bow of ship one), but sans clothes, with a whole bunch of strangers watching along, it’d be a shame to miss the opportunity on what’s sure to be a sellout excursion in weirdness.

Bare Necessities 2022 Cruise

If you like the bare necessities of life, and find clothing highly optional, there’s a cruise for you. Scheduled for 2022, it gives the operators another year to look at how to avoid the covid-19 dumpster fires that virtually every cruise to sail since the pandemic have ended up becoming.

Bare Necessities, the amusingly popular nudist travel group has locked in the Carnival Pride ship for a February 2022 “Big Nude Boat” departure. Apparently these sort of vacations are called ‘nakations’ to enthusiasts of the ever curious hobby.

It’s a bit unclear at the time of writing whether clothing is optional for dealing with immigration authorities at each port, but GSTP would suggest it.

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Bags packed, ready to go? Keeping with the rule of ‘Florida’ – which clearly states that everything insane in the world originates in Florida – the cruise will depart Tampa on February 13th, with stops in Panama, Colombia, Bonaire, Curacao, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas and Dominican Republic. The two week adventure should feature all the typical amenities of a Carnival Cruise, with a few dingle dangle amenities as well.

As YMMV notes, you can register for the cruise on the operator website, but anyone not wishing to stun family, or work colleagues, and or violate work content policies may wish to do so in private. 2020 was terrible, 2021 may be weird, but 2022 is already providing amusement.

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