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Sometimes drawing a straight line between your location and your destination is just not creative enough. For the ultimate enjoyment a jaunt up, down, left or right along the way might be just the perfect thing to create an ideal trip. A brilliant opportunity to use points has returned, and the value is beyond compelling if you’re hoping to travel between Australia and Asia…

a city skyline with a body of waterWacky Routings, Lots of Fun

There’s no telling how long it will last, but for those hoping to hop between Asia and Australia, or vice versa, can add some fun extra business class fun to their next trip. One airline’s booking site for using points is allowing people all over Asia to fly to Tokyo en route to Australia (or vice versa), all aboard ANA’s state of the art 787 Dreamliners. This applies even to those in Southeast Asia, which makes it such a wild opportunity. You could take a roughly 6/7 hour flight from anywhere in Southeast Asia to Tokyo, stay up to 23 hour 59 minute stop in Tokyo for free, giving you a full night and day- before the 10 hour journey down to Australia in pure luxury. Of course if you’re in North Asia you can just head down to Australia directly- but this is just more fun.

an airplane with a seat and a blue pillowIt’s All About LifeMiles

Avianca the South American Airline sells miles at rock bottom prices- all the time. It’s regularly possible to pay just 1.46 cents a piece, to acquire their miles, which makes this 40,000 mile ticket price out at just $584 for one way in business class, or just over $1000 for round trip, giving you more than 30 hours for $1000. So yes, to clarify, you’d be using Avianca LifeMiles to book flights on ANA, ignoring the prices ANA would charge in their own program. When it comes to business class, ANA is worth it, featuring an amazing cabin and service. You can earn Avianca LifeMiles from flying on any Star Alliance Airline, from their U.S. credit card or by simply buying points, especially when one of their fantastic sales is on.

a bridge with lights shining through itHow To Book

Avianca LifeMiles has a finicky but effective booking site. The MileLion recently wrote an excellent synopsis, highlighting obscure opportunities such as this one, while also showing best practices for searching and booing. We highly recommend checking out their work, which acts as an excellent tutorial for finding and booking incredible flights like these for just 40,000 points or $583. Enjoy.

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  1. Does the intra-Asia ANA J have lieflat seats? I seem to recall that I did that once and it wasn’t very comfortable.

  2. Please clarify how to “use Avianca LifeMiles to book flights on ANA”. Would I book that via the Avianca FF website? Or need to open an ANA FF account and transfer the Avianca LifeMiles there, then book via ANA?

    1. Hey Joe, you’d book via lifemiles site, using lifemiles. Cannot transfer ANA points or really any other points into lifemiles. Hope that helps!

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