Mount Cook in New Zealand
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Some places are worth the journey. Thank goodness for Australia and New Zealand, they both are. A mere 17+ hours in the air, not including any likely stops, separates those in Europe from the delights of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Radelaide, Auckland, Queesntown and more, but when you can do it in business class it’s not nearly as much of a hardship.

Star Alliance favorite Singapore Air has some of the lowest prices of the year – thank Coronavirus – from Europe to Australia or New Zealand, so here’s how to get in on the bargains…

singapore a380 business class seatSingapore Airlines Deals

Singapore Airlines is one of the best airlines in the world, year in, year out. If they don’t claim the top spot in the annual SkyTrax listings, they’re usually second. That extends to their business class, with fully flat beds, excellent service and on many of these flights – the brand new Airbus A350.

The airline has published phenomenal deals from Stockholm to virtually all gateways in Australia and New Zealand, with prices as low as £1500 round trip. That’s quite a bargain, considering many pay more for economy. But hey, you’re not those people – you read blogs. Standout deals from Stockholm include…

When You Can Fly

These deals are available in late March, and then widely available in April and May, particularly for Monday, Thursday Friday or Saturday departures. They return again in late August through early November and can be found on Google Flights or via your favorite online travel agency, or Singapore  Air directly.

You’ll want to stay at least a week to lock in the lowest fares, but if you’re going all that way, you’d be sort of crazy not to…

a dock with boats on the waterHow To Book

You can book using the links above, which take you directly to the lowest prices for each city. Singapore Airlines also makes it quite easy to book, with a seven day calendar of the lowest fares. You’ll want to look for fares circa 20,000SEK to pull up these prices, and you may find lower with Skyscanner or Kayak. Enjoy the trip.

Here’s 48 hour guides for: Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney. These are jam packed with the best food, coffee, things to see and also what not to do. That kinda stuff comes in handy, eh?

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