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West Coast just might be the best coast…

Update: this flash sale is over.

Have you heard the term “open jaw”? It’s where you fly into one city, and out of another,  connecting the dots either with a separate one way flight, or epic road trip. If there’s a place where the words “epic”, and “road trip” belong together it’s the Pacific Coast. If there’s a place worth “open jawing” it’s also the Pacific Coast. OneWorld airlines including British Airways, Iberia, Finnair and American are battling it out to win your business, with the joys of business class, and at £1300 round trip to Seattle or Los Angeles, these are awesome deals for long haul travel…

a white airplane in the skyThe Business Class Deals

No silly two person requirements, or restrictive travel dates here. If you can rustle up $1600, or roughly £1300 you’ve got yourself round trip flights to to Los Angeles or Seattle, and even a few other destinations too. You can fly British Airways 747, A380 or 787 to Los Angeles or the 777 to Seattle. 747 Upper deck is an experience everyone should try. If you travel from March 31st and beyond, you’ve also got Finnair’s gorgeous A350. These deals are available at similar prices from Paris, Zurich, Geneva and even London.

business classThe Travel Dates

From one city or another, these deals are available from December 2018 thru November 2019 on almost any date. A Saturday or Sunday night stay appears to be the only requirement, making this quite a flexible gem. You can fly into one city and out of the other, or do a standard round trip to either.

british airways 787How To Book Business Class

If you want to fly with British Airways, you can book directly with them here by entering Zurich or Geneva as your starting city, and Los Angeles or Seattle as your destination. if you want to play around with more options, here’s a Google Flights link to all OneWorld possibilities. Here’s an open jaw link as well. Once you’ve found something that works, book direct with British Airways for the greatest ease in upgrading to first class, if you’re into that sort of thing. Star Alliance had similar deals, but those have now been pulled. Oh, and here’s a big tier points routing

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  1. Good but Finnair all the way unless you want to pay a comparable sum to the fare again for seat choice and remember to pack the insect repellent and some food if you’re daft enough to book Bloomin Awful

  2. Very good open jaw advice.
    Congrats on baby news. Now the fun really starts travelling with baby. Hope all is going well…

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