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It’s an exciting year for luxury travel fans, and aviation geeks alike. After too many years, many airlines are now finally taking delivery of the Airbus A350, a next generation plane with better air quality and cabin pressure that helps to reduce jet lag. That, and most planes are getting cabin upgrades, taking business class to new heights, or at least up to competitive standard.

SkyTeam airlines Air France, Delta and KLM have a great Paris sale right now, and Star Alliance airlines have stepped in with their own offers to top East Coast USA destinations too…

KLM Business Class CabinThe Business Class Deals

Air France is flying their new Airbus A350 to Toronto, and that’s up for grabs along with plenty of others like New York, Chicago and Miami with Air France, KLM, Swiss, Lufthansa, United and more.

If you’ve got unfinished business, or a desire for pleasure in the USA before the end of the year, or next spring, this Paris flash sale offers a price that doesn’t often go much lower, and if it does, it’s barely marginal.

With the choice of Star Alliance or SkyTeam you can rack up those end of year status credits at a reasonable price, and experience two great fall/autumn destinations in the process. New York in spring is pretty lovely too.

a group of tall buildingsThe Dates You Can Travel

These great flight offers are available for departures out of Paris from the 21-27th of November, the 16th-30th of December (great for families trying to get to the USA for the holidays or New Year) and then again in April for departures from the 5th to the 12th.

A Monday night stay is the only requirement, which means you could leave on a Saturday and come back Tuesday, if you’re in a rush. Any day within those date ranges works just fine for departure, and you can stay well over a week if you like…

a row of seats in an airplaneHow To Book These Flights

These deals are incredible easy to book, if you actually bother to read the “dates you can travel” section which spells everything out. There are fantastic offers on both alliances and you have a mix of cabins to choose from, be it the Swiss A330, Lufthansa 747, KLM 787 or the Air France 777 or A350. Here’s links to each deal, where you can simply change dates to suit your needs and book.

All deals that touch the USA offer free 24 hour cancellation for a full refund, which is good to know. Here’s a huge list of all the best things to do in New York City, which is also nice to know. And just because we love you, here’s a great guide to getting from JFK Airport in New York into the city.

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