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How much is a premium economy upgrade worth to you?

Perhaps a better question for ultra long haul flights, is if you’ve got the dough – can your body afford not to? Today, we’re bringing you a deal which places round trip premium economy to Australia £394 more than economy round trip for the same exact flights, which means you’re paying less than £100 per segment for a vastly superior experience. For premium economy to Australia, this is a very good deal.

Oh, and unlike most deals – this one basically works both ways!

sydney australia the butlerThe Flight Deals To Sydney

British Airways and Cathay Pacific have super aggressive prices to Sydney for journeys that start in German or Austrian cities. These flights go via London and then either Hong Kong or Singapore. Even if you live in London, taking the trip to Germany just to fly via London can be worth it, since it saves over £1000 on this particular journey. For many travellers, that’s worth a little inconvenience.

These prices between £1100-£1165 are available from: Vienna, Stuttgart, Berlin Munich and Frankfurt. Cathay Pacific also has more expensive premium economy deals from Brussels and Paris. Again, these same flights would be £2200 if you leave directly from London.

a group of people in a greenhouseAnd don’t forget, with the addition of the Jewel, there’s no better city to layover than Singapore. It was already the best anyway, but now it’s crazy good.

One added benefit of these deals, is that they put you one cabin away from business class. If you happen to have British Airways Avios, or even better an upgrade voucher for BA Gold members, you could upgrade some or all of these segments to business class, provided that there’s availability. Here’s a guide to figuring out upgrade pricing and availability.

Sydney Opera HouseThe Dates You Can Travel

These deals are wide open from September 2019 thru June 2020, giving you an incredible array of dates to book an Australian getaway and survive the flights in the added comfort of premium.

The easiest way to find these prices is to look for departures between Monday and Wednesday leaving Europe, with a stay in Australia that includes at least one Saturday. Obviously, staying longer is just fine too. These deals allow stays of two months or more, but just be aware of how long your tourist visa allows if you plan to stay anywhere near that long.

a plane with seats and windowsHow To Book These Flights To Sydney

For such a long journey, these deals are surprisingly easy to book. You can book direct with British Airways, or with your favourite online travel agency, like Expedia or Skyscanner. Here’s a few example links to get you started at the lowest prices, like…

If it’s your first time in Sydney, here’s 10 fun things you really should do. Even if it’s not, here’s a 48 hour guide with restaurant tips, hotel recommendations and more. And yes, you absolutely should also do a side trip to Melbourne or Brisbane. You won’t be sorry you did! And don’t forget, if you have Avios and there are seats available using points in Club World, you can upgrade 1, 2, 3, or all 4 of the long haul segments…

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