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Yesterday a close friend of GSTP had this to say about Qatar Airways Qsuites…

“Insane, actually insane, Never want to fly another product, or with another airline”.

When it comes to business class, we tend to agree. With dine on demand, friendly crews, great drinks and amazing seats, Qatar Airways business class is arguably the very best in the business. Unlike many things which are the best in their category, it’s actually not always the most expensive. Today is a perfect example, with business class deals starting at £1050 round trip…

qatar qsuites business classThe Qatar Airways Flight Deals

It’s no secret that the best prices aren’t always from the place you’re currently sitting in. Thanks to the invention of points and great deals, it can totally be worth getting off your butt and applying as few as 4,500 points to get yourself to one of the cities where these deals start, because doing so can save not hundreds, but thousands of dollars, pounds, yen, euros or whatever you’re into.

Qatar has its best business class deals right now from Belgrade, Sofia, Oslo and Stockholm to places like Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. Many of the best deals are for travel before the end of June, but if you’re after Shanghai, those deals are the very cheapest and run late into 2019 and also into 2020. We’ll spell out the details below, because we’re cool like that. Also, open another window and scroll down in this article to see how to find out if your flight will have Qsuites..

hong kong peakHow To Book These Business Class Deals

Each deal involves slightly different timings, so we figured it would be easiest to spell out each one. If you credit these Qatar flights to the British Airways Executive Club, you’ll earn a handsome 560 tier points in one round trip, leaving you just 40 points (one club europe one way flight) and four BA flight segments away from Silver status for the entire year! That means airport lounges even on cheap economy tickets. Here are the best deals in price order…

Invalid request error occurred.£1050 ($1400) Belgrade (BEG) to Shanghai (PVG)

These deals are at the very lowest prices in late September, October, November and early December for departures on a Tuesday or Wednesday, with at least a three night stay in Asia. You’ll get Qatar Qsuites on the flights between Doha and Shanghai and A320 business class between Belgrade and Doha. Dates are already drying up, but you’ll find the best luck in late September, all of October, all of November and the first week of December. Book here.

£1140 ($1500) Zagreb (ZAG) to Bangkok (BKK)

This is the only deal which seems to require two passengers for the lowest price. Otherwise you’ll pay £1250. Bangkok is the perfect Southeast Asian destination to fly into whether you plan to stay there or not. With direct onward connections to just about anywhere in the region, it’s the perfect way to get there in style. These flights are available virtually all year, which makes them one of the better values, if you can find a companion to join along for the ride. Book here.

£1250 ($1600) Belgrade (BEG) to Tokyo (HND)

Tokyo Haneda is the easiest airport for getting into town, and fast. All Haneda flights now feature the beloved Qsuites on the long haul from Doha to Tokyo and these deals represent exceptionally good value to one of the best cities on earth. The lowest prices are available exclusively in May and June of 2019. The deals are wide open virtually every day, and only require a three night stay in Tokyo. Our suggestion though: stay longer. It’s the best. Book here.

£1269 ($1670) Stockholm (ARN) to Hong Kong (HKG)

Qatar has added Hong Kong to the list of Qsuites destinations, and virtually all flights between Doha and this jewel of Southeast Asia will feature them. With the grand opening of Avenue Of The Stars, and an increasingly competitive culinary scene, Hong Kong is a must for any traveller. Like Bangkok, it’s also the perfect place to start a trip elsewhere in the region. These flights are available virtually all year with the exception of late September and early October. They even continue into 2020, which is helpful for early planners. You’ll get A350 and 777, making this an awesome combo. Book here.

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  1. “you’ll earn a handsome 560 tier points in one round trip, leaving you just 40 points (one club europe one way flight) away from Silver status for the entire year”

    What about BA’s requirement that you have to travel 4 flights on BA metal?

  2. Thank you for the awesome tips! I was looking for a deal to go back to HK to surprise my dad for his birthday – lifesaver GSTP!

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