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Travel will return, and if you wanted to place a bet on something that’ll make you happy in the future, a business class ticket to the joys of the West Coast of the United States of America is a cool one to put down. Even better when you’re flying on airlines which all just received massive multi billion dollar bailouts.

air france businessThe Business Class Flight Deals

SkyTeam, after more than 10 billion in government support to Air France and KLM via France and The Netherlands is looking pretty strong right now, and their respective business class seats are always the same. And then there’s Delta too, who fresh off of their own massive cash injection, and featuring business class suites with doors is looking rather lovely right now as well.

All three airlines have banded together to launch some super sales out of a variety of European cities which give you travel options in 2021, on airlines with little to zero chance of going bust.

The best business class deals are available from Madrid, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Barcelona and more and the cheapest West Coast cities you can visit are Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas or San Francisco. There are even direct flights available, for anyone who likes that sort of thing…

The Dates You Can Travel

These deals are available virtually any day of the week from mid September 2020 through the end of schedule in 2021. That puts January, February, March and parts of April 2021 into play, and if we can’t travel by then, we’ll all have bigger problems to worry about than free re-booking of flights.

These deals typically only require a three night minimum stay, which make them attractive options even for shorter trips. Longer trips are fine too.

How To Book These Flight Deals

You can find these flights on Google Flights, or on your favorite online travel agency. We’ve dropped some example links in to make your search a bit easier, which take you directly to the best deals from each city.

Travel has many question marks right now, but for those with easy access into the USA, or who believe travel will return safely later in the year, these are great bargains on extreme comfort. Getting direct flights for these prices is somewhat rare, so if you’re in the market, weigh up the pros and cons. Happy travels, when they return!

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