FOMO – fear of missing out. Losing out on 50,000 or more credit card points is far worse than any FOMO. Credit card points are the key to turning your every day lifestyle into an extraordinary travel life. American Express is known for sending out exciting targeted offers, often packing double the points, so here’s how to get one. And be sure to read each one…

a group of people walking with luggage#1 Know Best

Did you hear about the 200,000 point Amex Silver card bonus? No? Probably because it doesn’t exist. The first key to getting a great offer is knowing what the best publicly available offer is. Once you know what you could get direct from Amex, you’ll know if the offer you receive is worthwhile. Keep track of blogs on, they’ll let you know when good offers are out.

#2 Opt In

Amex cardmembers have the option to “opt in” for offers, but many have found the “opt out” box already ticked for them. Tragedy! If you’re a cardholder, it’s worth a call, or a quick check online to ensure you’ve opted into personalized offers. This is a crucial step in receiving elevated card bonuses and spending incentives.

a credit card and a card#3 Cookies Browsing

Your browsing history is used to recommend ads. If you’re constantly searching for travel, deals and other related products, it’s worth venturing to the Amex website directly. They now send personal offers – often based on your browsing history. While the public offer may be 25,000 points for $3,000 in spending, you may receive a 50,000 point for $1,000 in spending directly on their site.

#4 Card Match Tool

This is the crucial step for almost all of you. American Express targets qualified people for special offers via “Card Match Tool”. This is where you’ll find the 100,000 point Amex Platinum offers, the 50,000 point Amex Gold offers and any other unique- private possibilities. Simply visit the site, enter your info for a “soft” credit check, which does not affect your score. You’ll instantly see if you’re targeted for a better bonus. These offers carry a much lower spending requirement, making the points easier to acquire.

Have you scored a targeted card offer?

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  1. Last spring my other half scored a 100K Amex Plat with a 2K spend. The offer lasted less than a day.

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