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There’s a reason people get excited about these offers…

IHG Points Breaks are exactly what they say on the tin. For a limited time, at select hotels around the world, the points needed for a “free” night are greatly reduced – giving you a “break”.

This is an amazing opportunity to stretch points that might usually cover just one night into two, or move from a four star hotel to a five star hotel, without breaking the points bank! Here are 10 amazing opportunities to enjoy great rates using IHG or Chase points at Intercontinental hotels…

a man walking in a large roomThe Offer

IHG Points Breaks are regular promotions, where hotel rooms are discounted using points. It’s always great to compare the rates offered using points with rates using cash to ensure it’s worth cashing in points, even at these great promo rates. But if you are looking to save cash and cash in points these offers are fantastic.

Points Breaks bring hotels around the world at rates of 5,000-15,000 IHG Points per night, and this go around there are 10 Intercontinental’s included at 15,000 points per night. The hotels included in this offer are…

  1. Intercontinental Mendoza, Argentina.
  2. Intercontinental Sao Paulo, Brazil. 
  3. Intercontinental Cartagena, Colombia. 
  4. Intercontinental San Salvador, El Salvador. 
  5. Intercontinental Le Vendome Beirut, Lebanon.
  6. Intercontinental Miramar, Panama.
  7. Intercontinental Bucharest, Romania.
  8. Intercontinental Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.
  9. Intercontinental Ljubljana, Slovenia. 
  10. Intercontinental Hanoi, Vietnam. 

The Dates

These deals sell out fast. These offers are valid for hotel stays from now, like today – through November 30th, 2018. If you’re staying anywhere where these hotels exist before then, you’ll be able to land an excellent deal. If you see the hotels above at higher rates, the “points break” has sold out for that night. In practice, you have hours or days, not weeks to book these.

a room with a table and chairs and a view of the oceanHow To Book

Here’s the enter Points Breaks list. You need IHG Points to book these Points Breaks, and you can instantly create IHG Points, even if you don’t have any, by transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards Points. You can also buy IHG Points, if you need to top up. Never transfer over or buy points until you’re sure there’s availability for a booking you can actually use.

If you already have IHG points, simply login to your account, browse the list and book something while you can! These deals won’t last, especially at these properties.

Featured image courtesy of Intercontinental Le Vendome Beirut, Lebanon. 

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