If you’re stressed out while traveling you’re doing it wrong. There are so many apps which take al the stress out of every step. Need dinner recommendations? Done. Want to figure out if the airline is lying about how delayed your flight will be? Done. Want the best flight prices? Who doesn’t! There’s an app for everything you need, and we’ve compiled the best travel apps for 2017…

a large airplane on the tarmac


What: Momondo is one of the most (if not the most) powerful flight search engine on the plane. It aggregates deals from countless sites to find the most competitive prices.

Why? The best flight prices meets great app. It’s a winner with lots of power at your fingertips.

Download: Momondo.com

a street sign in a city

Google Translate

What: Google’s effortless translation app automatically detects languages and lets you use your phones microphone, camera or keypad to have something automatically translated.

Why? Instant translation of signs, menus, people speaking and anything you want to say.

Download: Translate.Google.com

a screenshot of a flight schedule


What: FlightAware is your one stop airport status delay updater and flight tracker. It’s very easy to use and gives great insights into your flight, route, altitude and the flight yours is waiting on.

Why? Because you can track your flights inbound flight, to predict realistic delays.

Download: FlightAware.com

a water way with boats and buildings in the background


What: AirHelp-helps get you paid when a delayed or canceled flight owes you money. Many countries have powerful laws against unfair delays and this is the hassle free way of dealing.

Why? They take a cut, but they do all the effort and paperwork required to get you paid.

Download: AirHelp.com

a pool with a view of the mountains and trees


What: Google’s intelligent photo editing software offers seriously beautiful and powerful effects. Easy to use for novices and great filters, lens blurs, and control to make pro images.

Why? Make your mobile photos look as beautiful as what your eyes see. Amazing pics!

Download: Apple, Android.

a glass of pink liquid


What: Instant hotel, restaurant and attraction reviews at your fingertips. It’s a competitive world in food and travel, so comparing top ten lists versus actual user rankings is clutch.

Why? “Near me” allows travelers to find the highest rated food, lodging and attractions nearby.

Download: TripAdvisor.com

a train in a tunnel


What: Point to point genius travel solution. It tells you how to get from anywhere to anywhere, how much it will cost, how long it will take, the names of all the parts of travel and more.

Why? You’ll never need directions again. Instant routings via bus, train, plane, uber and more…

Download: Rome2Rio.com

a passport with stamps on it

Mobile Passport

What: A paperless, futuristic immigration app for getting into the United States (US Citizens Only). You can put your best selfie to use and save serious time in many airports.

Why? Huge time saver and security booster. Some even say it’s faster than Global Entry.

Download: MobilePassport.us

rows of seats with monitors on them

Expert Flyer

What: Handy app for finding the best seats on planes, and getting alerted when they’re free. You can choose between paid options or free options and always grab the best in cabin-seat.

Why? Everyone wants best seat in each cabin. You get it, because you get instant alerts.

Download: ExpertFlyer.com

a black leather strap on a card

Award Wallet

What: One stop shop for all your loyalty program passwords, balances, elite status and more. Keeping track of all these programs is complicated and Award Wallet changes that.

Why? Know how many points you have with each program on one screen. Super handy…

Download: AwardWallet.com

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