Whether you’re an actual kid, or just one trapped in adult body, you’ve probably glanced at the flight deck and thought about how cool it would be to visit. It’s totally understandable, because the flight deck is just about as cool as it gets. Unfortunately, in the modern world, the old days of cockpit visits and pilots giving out wings have largely fallen by the wayside. One airline wants to change that…

a man and woman in a cockpit

British Airways wants to bring back the days of golden age travel by making cockpit visits available for anyone, sitting in any cabin who wants one. Not only are passengers cordially invited to request a visit upon boarding, a British Airways pilot designed a special app called “View From The Flight Deck” to document the special moment. Every British Airways pilot will be equipped with the special app, which not only snaps an enviable photo, but will also display the type of aircraft, the registration number, the route, the number of miles flown and even the captains name.

a man in a plane

Sold? Excited? Of course you are. Visits can be requested before take off or after landing and are always at the discretion of the crew. For the best opportunities, be sure to ask as soon as you board and most importantly, be polite and understanding. If you want to further increase your chances, it’s always nice to bring gifts for your flight crew, whether it’s chocolates, wine, flowers or just a note to say “thanks for taking care of us”. Crew appreciate the gesture and your polite nature and if it leads to an amazing flight deck photo opportunity (captains hat optional) you’ll never regret it. Way to go British Airways.

HT: Captain Global

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