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Some deals make you say “damn, that’s good”. Getting a direct flight from London to South Africa in business class on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner is one of those deals. If you’ve been eyeing a trip to lovely winter sun, these companion deals, which allow 2 people to pay £1050 per person for business class are an amazing opportunity to get into the heart of emerging South Africa on the cheap, and put you less than 2 hours in the air from Cape Town, the crown jewel. Here’s how to get in, before these deals expire… tonight.

a glass of wine on a table in an airplaneThe Companion Deals To Durban

Durban, South Africa is one of the most up and coming cities in the world. It’s lively, it’s got great food and it’s close to so many thing you want to see. But even if you use it as a jumping off point, it lands you just a direct flight from Cape Town, Johannesburg or any of the most sought after destinations.

British Airways has an amazing offer right now which comes to £1050 per person, provided two pax travel together. If you book with OTA’s, it’s £950. For that awesome price, you can fly on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner direct from London to Durban in business class. These deals expire tonight, August 1st, so don’t hesitate if this is the key to your travel happiness…

The Dates You Can Travel

We catch a lot of deals first, but this is one of those deals that passed completely over our heads until a generous Flyertalk user shared the juicy details and we went “woah”. These flight deals are available for two people to travel from end of August through December 12th, 2019. South Africa is almost impossible to beat when it gets cold in Europe and is lovely in the Southern Hemisphere.

To lock in the lowest prices you’ll need to stay at least 5 days in South Africa, but where you go within that time is up to you. These prices are ONLY available on direct flights to Durban, so you’ll need to use a Monday, Thursday or Saturday as your outbound from London, and then a Tuesday, Friday or Sunday as your return. So like, October 21-29th would be fine.

a beach with a city skylineHow To Book These Incredible Deals

Durban is a delight, and so is spending 12 hours in a bed instead of an economy seat. With more than 23 hours in the air, you’re locking in a lot of comfort for a price most people pay for economy. As we mentioned, these deals are only available if you’re booking for two or more. To book at these prices, you must search for two.

British Airways is the easiest way to book these flights, since Google Flights shows the wrong price until you click the last step. Here’s an example on British Airways at £1050 per passenger, and also one on Skyscanner for £950 per passenger. There’s a lot to love! If you book with BA, you can always use some Avios to take the price down. At the moment, 11,200 Avios will drop the price £100. Not bad!

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  1. Great price and one that is worth going for, so yes I know its BA but the price is appropriate to the service delivered

  2. This was absolutely what I was looking for! I only wish you’d found out about it a bit sooner as the notification only arrived 2 hours before the deal expired… and I missed it…. noooooooooo. …… …..

    (I’m not blaming you, of course… just disappointed….)

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