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Ever seen a small plane flying across the sky- thinking it would be nice to join along? That’s precisely the idea behind Wingly. People have planes, they fly them places, it costs money and sometimes a little bit of friendly company can turn a mundane journey into an extraordinary one. Is Wingly- the ride sharing app for private planes one of the coolest new travel apps on the planet? We think so.

an aerial view of a city and a riverSo What Exactly Is Wingly?

Wingly connects people with private pilots. From joy rides starting and finishing in the same destination, to incredible day trips or one way flights to dreamy destinations, you can tag along- for a reasonable fee, set by the pilot. Like a classifieds for flying, pilots can list any upcoming trips they’re willing to take guests along, setting a clear price and description for the one of a kind flight. It may not be completely free private jets, but $25 and up is pretty cool for a private flight. It may even be cheaper than the train…

a row of buildings next to a body of waterWhere Does It Work?

Currently Wingly is “taking off” in Europe, with over 3,000 flights and destinations. The app is also starting to make its way into the US and Caribbean, with sporadic flights, primarily in Florida, Maine and across Caribbean cities. The best thing to do is browse the current listings. And yes, it’s totally free to join.

a white airplane on a runwayWhat Kinda Planes Are We Talking About?

Since we’re talking about private planes- these are generally 2-6 seaters and mostly propeller planes. In virtually all of these planes you can look straight out the cockpit windows, watching the runway during take off and landing, seeing the sky all around you. If you haven’t been on one, it’s pretty awesome.

a wing of a plane flying over a snowy mountainAnd Users Can Request Flights Too…

Perhaps a flight from Dublin to Dublin isn’t what you’re looking for, but one from Dublin to London would be incredible! App users can request certain flights, and much like a classifieds, pilots will look through the list and see if something might work.

a bridge over a river with buildings in the backgroundThe Big Question: Is It Safe?!

First, flying is far and away one of the safest forms of travel. But yes, all pilots have their licenses verified completely before being allowed to join. On top of that, pilots and passengers are reviewed, so anyone with bad reviews are booted from the program- much like Uber. To date, there have been no incidents using the app. It’s pretty damn cool.

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