NYC is just too hot in July…

Don’t even bother trying to dress sharp or look cool in 97 degree weather with 95% humidity. You just don’t stand a chance. Why not instead skip the crowds, hot sweats and manic destinations, in favor of places where the weather and vibe is absolutely idyllic during summer? Maybe a nice steady 75 degrees sunny and beautiful, with good food and things to see at every turn? Here are some places where you’re just about guaranteed to love the weather as much as your destination…

a view of a lake from a cliffBar Harbor, Maine, USA

Average July Temperature: 79°F, 25°C.

Acadia National Park, fresh lobster and gorgeous shores galore. Maine is a place to celebrate summer, and it’s hard to find a better spot than Bar Harbor. A long time favorite of in the know people from the Northeast US, this spot is the perfect place to meet friends, family or just getaway for the summer and worth the trip, wherever you are in the world. And the view from Cadillac Mountain.. just – wow.


a red building with a tall tower with Sensō-ji in the backgroundTokyo, Japan

Average July Temperature: 78°F, 25°C.

Japan heats up in July which pushes many locals outside of the major cities and towards tropical islands. Crowds few and far between for peak travel season and the weather is humid, but very pleasant. Tokyo is without a doubt one of the greatest cities on earth, with enough history, cuisine and culture to keep even the greatest snob at bey!

a beach with buildings in the backgroundGold Coast, Australia

Average July Temperature: 70°F, 21°C.

Travelers always aim for Australia in the height of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. November, December, January and February are peak season for Australian tourism, so by heading down South in July or August, you’ll beat the crowds and enjoy less extreme heat and pricing. The Gold Coast, Brisbane and Queensland are stunning, and with temperatures around 75 and sunny, there’s a lot to love. Be sure to stop by Sydney and Melbourne while you’re there.

a small island with a church on it surrounded by waterLjubljana, Slovenia

Average July Temperature: 80°F, 26°C.

While crowds fawn over Lake Como, paying top dollar to join the crowds (ok, to be fair, it is worth it) – you can save a fortune and experience equal beauty in a nearly untouched setting. Ljubljana is one of the most buzzing cities of the year, and nearby Lake Bled inspires the same awe and magic of the far more known and traveled Lake Como. You can thank us later.

a city with a lake and mountains in the backgroundVancouver, Canada

Average July Temperature: 72°F, 22°C.

Hike, surf, shop and eat to your hearts content. Vancouver is an outdoor lovers paradise, with mountains, beaches and activities galore. It also happens to offer some of the best Chinese food outside of China – and amazing nearby wine regions as well. You can’t go wrong. Here’s how to maximize your trip.


What are your favorite summer vacation spots?

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  1. Have you ever been in Tokyo in July? It’s humid and hot. Not quite like Miami but a lot closer to the East Coast of the USA… like… NYC. In fact, both NYC and Tokyo have the same Köppen climate zone: humid subtropical.

  2. Nice and very useful post. In my opinion weather is an important point if you are just going to a place especially for holiday. Thanks for sharing it.

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