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There are few things more insufferable than the post holiday blues, and sadly – they usually start before you’ve actually even left. You know the feeling: up early, packing in the dark, squeezing the suitcase shut, hours wasted at the airport and then an arduous journey back to reality. Virgin decided to change that, announcing last year that they were creating a departure experience unlike any other, starting in Barbados. The name? Departure beach – and it’s awesome…

virgin departure beachDeparture Beach

Check in, drop bags and chill – on the beach. You’ve heard of airport VIP lounges, but this is so much better. Virgin Holidays will pick you up at your hotel, take your luggage and bring you to Departure Beach, where you can check in and grab your boarding pass, before making your way to the beach to spend the last few hours of precious vacation, still feeling like you’re actually on vacation, or if you’re sunburned you can sit in the air conditioned lounge replete with TV’s, game room and a fully stocked bar, with drinks for purchase.

The Experience

Once bags are dropped off and check in is complete, the beach dream is yours to keep for a few more hours. With most flights leaving late at night, this can be a clutch way to avoid adding to the statistic that 22,000,000 holiday hours are wasted by British travelers at the airport each year. There’s complimentary lunch and non alcoholic drinks, beach towels, actual beach and ocean to enjoy, wifi, and even special plastic bags to put your wet clothes before the flight. Genius! There are also shower facilities to freshen up and look glamorous for the airport paparazzi. When it’s time to go, you’re taken to the plane and board stress free, just in the nick of time, rather than wasting hours at the airport.

virgin departure beachHow To Book

This experience is available for Virgin Holidays customers, and Virgin Holidays customers only. If you’re staying with Virgin Holidays at Savannah Beach, it’s included in your trip. If not, it’s £25, based on availability and can be added to a booking during checkout and beyond. This sounds like the kinda thing that might sell out, so if it’s the thing for you – be sure to add it to your Virgin Holidays booking ASAP. Speaking of which, Virgin Holidays has round trip flight + 7 night hotel deals to Barbados at £539 per person in the sale, which makes this a pretty damn good time to check it out.

Are you going to check out Departure Beach?

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