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Branded colors can evoke vague recollection of any business, but the sense of smell can instantly transport you to the most distinctive and vibrant memories of your life. Like that first great cup of coffee, the smell of cut grass or that ultra funky smell from your college dorm room. A scent truly takes you places. Virgin Atlantic is aiming to forever own a place in your sensory history book, with the launch of their fragrance “AIR”. The airline thinks it’s the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation to get you in the mood… for life up in the air.

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The Virgin Atlantic signature scent, soon to be introduced at check in, gates, lounges and on board is instantly inspiring. For some, it may inspire feelings of ultra hokey “oxygen” bars, where hipsters can purchase air at exorbitant rates. But for others, it’s a charming name for an air-line, whose planes glide through the air, aiming to give customers the satisfaction of silky smooth air travel experiences. We’ll stop there. One thing is for certain, it will smell better than the landing hall in Las Vegas. Day old gin and body sweat are just not a great combination, no matter how many times they try. If the candle masks a single percentage of that odor, it’s already a winner in our book.


AIR is based upon aromas from Virgin Atlantic’s most popular destinations. “With notes of lemon, rose, vanilla, and essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus, this scent captures the four continents of Virgin Atlantic’s most popular routes” said the airline. The scent was developed in collaboration with Rachel Vosper, a noted candle maker person with wildly popular candles. We’re waiting on correct terminology for official candle smell making people, but hope this will suffice in the interim. The aim of the particular fragrance is to inspire adventure and tranquility. Those aren’t the two words we’d use to describe a traditional airport experience, so we’re all for experimentation.


The introduction of a scent is an interesting concept. While at first glance we may collectively laugh at branding agency budgets gone mad, the concept has worked extremely well for hotels. Certain hotels, such as the Andaz Tokyo have created lasting memory and feelings of enhanced luxury through their opulent signature fragrance, found throughout the property. Heck, just the faintest scent of jasmine takes me to Southeast Asia in a split second. One could argue that a calming fragrance could really make a very positive impact on the airport experience, even if it’s just a little bit millennial. We’ll reserve judgement until our candle shows up. That’s right, you can order them online at Virgin Retail Therapy, in Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses and on board. All yours for £30.

Air travel at home… now that could yield some interesting dreams.

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