a bedroom with a bed and a window

The best things in life really are free, after all…

Hate airport security, the check in experience as a whole – but love cocktails, convenience, massages and bed? Virgin Atlantic and OneFineStay have launched just the thing. For one week, and one week only, Virgin Atlantic is offering one of the most exclusive experiences money can’t buy, at their London Heathrow Clubhouse lounge. Hint: it’s an exclusive apartment, but with free drinks, massages and runway views.

a bedroom with a bed and a windowWhat?!

OneFineStay is a snazzy, upscale version of Airbnb. They’ve partnered with Virgin Atlantic to design a New York styled loft apartment inside the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. Now, before you click away, it’s not just for business class passengers, and renting it is free – if you’re fast. Like, really fast.

More What?!

The “apartment” will be available to book for anyone with a next day flight on Virgin Atlantic. You’ll be escorted through security to your exclusive pad in the Clubhouse and invited to indulge in all which the Clubhouse has to offer. It’s easily one of the coolest and best business class lounges in the world. Complimentary drinks, massages, multi course dining, aromatherapy and all the goodies. You even get a personal BUTLER!

a bed with white sheets and gold lampsThe How & When…

By now you’re foaming at the mouth at the idea of waking up inside one of the world’s best airport lounges, indulging in a champagne breakfast, not needing to queue and de-robe for your flight and then board in complete comfort. We don’t blame you. The apartment can be booked for free here, and needless to say – it will book up fast. You MUST be traveling on Virgin Atlantic from London Heathrow on March 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th to book. Any cabin is fine!

The Finer Details…

You need to book the apartment for the day before your flight. SO if your flight is on March 2nd, try to book for March 1st – you get the gist. You’ll be able to enjoy a full dinner, drinks and spa treatments the evening before, and then a reviving shower and breakfast before you jet off the next day. The onefinestay website may ask for $1 to book, but we’re assured it’s just because they can’t technically offer anything for free. You’ll get your dollar back, if it’s charged. Not that the experience isn’t worth a buck! Right?

a couple of women wearing red uniforms holding drinksFuture Details…

Virgin Atlantic says this is a trial, aimed at delivering future passenger centric experiences. If feedback is extremely positive, the airline may look into adding a more permanent sleep fixture to their lounges, perhaps expanding the idea abroad. From collaborating with sleep experts to deliver better in flight sleep, to unique one off cocktail menu partnerships in each city – this is an example of Virgin trying to understand what customers want from their flying experiences. We’ll take it.

What are you waiting for?! Go book!


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