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There’s just one catch: you need a partner in crime to steal this deal.

According to the Urban Dictionary, a partner in crime is defined as “good friends who get in trouble together or get each other in trouble and laugh about it”. If you know someone fitting this description, this deal is definitely for you.

Booking package deals is the best travel trick hidden in plain sight, and this is a perfect example. While it’s not at all uncommon to feel thrilled about booking return flights to the USA for £365 per person, this deal gets you three nights of a hotel room included at no additional price. That’s like, really-really amazing.

Here’s how to get in on the fun, and lock in a trip to the USA under £800 all in for two people.

a man and woman in a kitchenThe Virgin Atlantic Package Deals

Boston, New York, Las Vegas and Miami: four quintessential US cities, each with hot deals right now. The lowest priced offers from Virgin Atlantic are to Boston, but there are extremely solid deals for New York and Vegas as well. In price order…

  • £365 p.p. Boston – £730 total.
  • £449 p.p New York – £898 total.
  • £525 p.p. Las Vegas – £1050 total.
  • 559 p.p. Miami -£1118 total.

So what do you get? You get direct Virgin Atlantic flights from London, including checked bags for each person, and you get a hotel room to split. Virgin automatically shows you the best hotel offer for each city, but for £50 or so more, you can find a huge selection of other options as well.

The £365 Boston deal gets you the Yotel, which is super solid, but for around £50 more per person you can get something like a Hyatt Regency. At the end of the day, it’s about the city and travel, not the hotel.

a city with a body of water and cloudsHow To Book These Amazing Deals

There’s two big keys to locking in these stunning travel deals and discovering a great new US city on the cheap. At these prices, that’s kind of to be expected, right?

  • The first: you need two people.
  • The second: you need to be a bit flexible with the “when” part.

The best way to take advantage of these offers is to see which dates the Virgin Atlantic trip booking engine spits out, and then see what prices would be on alternate dates you may prefer. Click here to visit the dedicated Virgin Atlantic Sale page. If you prefer Premium or Upper Class, you can price out those options as well. Live it up!

In general, it seems the best travel deals are available in early December and January, as well as more immediate trips in the near future, like May. Find a partner in crime, steal the deal and then enjoy the trip!



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