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22 hours of First class for 75,000 points round trip?

Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club offers some exceptionally good ways to use points- and we’re not just talking about flights on Virgin Atlantic. The airline offers incredible value on top partners such as ANA, South African, Air New Zealand and Air China at some of the lowest points rates you’ll find. But unfortunately the very best deals rarely last long. May 1st, Virgin Atlantic will pull one of the best values in points – so here’s your official heads up.

a large building with a red roof and a red wall with a red gate with Forbidden City in the backgroundAir China First Class

For years, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club has offered truly astonishing rates on Air China. Round trip first class from London to Beijing requires just 75,000 points and £500 round trip. You’d be hard pressed to find much better for one way in business class at those rates on other airlines. Virgin Atlantic has given notice on their website that effective May 1st, the rates for business class will jump from 63,000 points round trip to 135,000. First class will jump from 75,000 to 200,000.

an airplane with seats and a seat beltTwo Days – No Excuses

This is very disappointing, though not entirely unexpected. These rates were simply too good and the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club was taking a serious hit every time someone cashed in. We always advise points holders to earn and burn. Save up for something fantastic and as soon as you reach a pinnacle – spend. Airlines hardly ever make flights require fewer points these days, yet they almost constantly raise rates. For two days and two days only, you can still book London to Beijing round trip in Air China Forbidden Pavilion First Class.

the tail of an airplaneHow To Book

You must book a round trip, or at least you must pay round trip prices. So even if you can only find one way, it’ll still be cheaper than the new rates going forward. The easiest way to find space on Air China First Class is by using United Airlines website. Simply hit “search for award travel” and “non stop” to see availability. Business class at just 63,000 points isn’t a bad consolation either, if that’s all you can find. Once you’ve found space, call Virgin Atlantic Flying Club to book. Happy deal hunting!


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