Don’t hate the player, or the game. The Citi Prestige card is one of the best U.S. credit cards, offering lucrative perks for all elements of travel. Perhaps the best offering of the card, is the fourth night free benefit. Cardmembers can receive the fourth night free on any hotel stay. For a limited time, they can do even better, combining an enticing promotion.

a swimming pool and a bed by a houseStacking

Stacking is one of the very best moves in travel mastery. Take one offer, stack it with another and save. Starwood Hotels have a generous buy two nights, get the third free offer which thanks to some digging from FrequentMiler, can be combined with the Citi Prestige 4th night free discount. The result? Two free nights on a four night stay. Amazing.

SPG Offer

Starwood has had a long standing stay three, pay for two offer in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Some properties even offer a straight up buy 4 get two free, which could be even more lucrative when combined with the Citi Prestige offer. A travel agent can book this offer with the promo code M3D or C3M. This offer gets you a free night for staying three, so why not add a fourth to get that for free too? Starwood has some incredible hotels in Europe, Middle East and Africa – after all. You don’t need to be an SPG member to take advantage, though there’s no reason not to.

a group of tall buildings with lit up tablesCombining + Booking

Citi made improvements to the 4th night free benefit by making it bookable online. But this deal cannot be booked online. To book, you must call the Citi Prestige Concierge  number on the back of your card or 1-561-922-0158. When calling, mention the Starwood M3D or C3M promotional code. Find hotels using this link which offer the promotion. Ask if you can stack your fourth night benefit onto this rate. You can. Be sure to include your SPG loyalty number, because you should even earn points on this stay!


It’s not a perfect science, but you’re essentially paying for two nights and staying four. This “free” night is the average cost of the four nights after all the promotions, including the buy two get one free are included. If a hotel was $200 per night, you’d be looking at a total of $600, from the SPG offer before your Citi benefit kicks in. But once you add in the Citi 4th Night Free, you’d divide the $600 by 4 to come up with the savings for the “fourth night” discount. You end up paying $450. Being able to then match this major discount with a fourth night free offer represents savings of hundreds of bucks on a four night stay. You can’t argue with that!

Are you using this promotion to your advantage?

HT: FrequentMiler

Featured image: St Regis Doha.


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  1. I can’t believe it’s the third time a blog posts about this. As many have commented before you CAN “argue with that” because the rates under the promo code are significantly higher than the best available member rates!! Please do your homework before posting

  2. Sweet! Thanks. I use my Citi Prestige beneift like crazy ($12,000 “saved” in 18 months), and although I hate SPG for their lack suite upgrades, I may have to jump on this deal!

  3. A datapoint – this works as advertised. I booked Amsterdam’s single available SPG hotel in this promotion with the 3 nights,1 free deal, but staying four nights. SPG took one off, Prestige got a second night off. The math comes down to about 44% discount. There was an even better deal possible, for 2 nights free out of 4, but alas, not for my dates. Still, I am paying less for a hotel with breakfast and kitchen than my son for an AirBNB in the same city when he was there recently.

  4. Citi Prestige is a keeper forever, as long as they have the 4th night free award. Stay once in a 4* hotel and use the $250 air credit and you can easily make a profit on that card. Plus the points!

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