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The wine is cheaper… and better too.

Spain became the second most visited country in the world last year, and unlike most votes around the world involving immigration, these people aren’t wrong. Spain is a blast, Spain is a buzz and you really need to go. On top of beautiful scenery, friendly people, great history and riveting culture, the food and wine really can’t get much better either. It’s time to go to Spain, and these deals starting at $258 round trip should help…

a woman walking in a cityThe Flight Deals To Spain

As usual, the East Coast is having a moment right now when it comes to low prices on flights to Europe and both Madrid and Barcelona are in. New York and Boston are offering the absolute lowest prices, with great deals also avail from Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago all under $350. Before you assume these deals are on budget airlines – they’re not – they’re on American, Iberia or Delta, which is amazing at these prices.

When You Can Find These Prices

The very best deals are available in fall, when Spain is the perfect place to escape. All the peak tourism is out of season, and that means hotels are cheap, the best restaurants aren’t crazy full and the Mediterranean weather is still absolutely lovely. If you want the lowest prices, look for flights from October 2019 thru February 2020 for Tuesday through Thursday departures. Don’t worry, we made links for you anyway. One week stays seem to bring the lowest prices.

a colorful tiled rooftops with Park Güell in the backgroundHow To Book These Awesome Deals

You want the lowest prices with the least effort, and that’s fine, because we got you. Here are links to Google Flights where you can play with dates and lock in the lowest prices directly with your airline of choice, like..

Ok, go forth and enjoy! Here’s how to decide between Barcelona and Madrid, here’s how to spend 48 perfect hours in Madrid, and here’s a cool company that just might be better than Airbnb, and saves on great apartments in either city. The more you know, right?

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