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I’ve spent most of my life in coach. As such, I have a rule of thumb. Any time I am on a plane, sipping champagne with a seat that turns into a bed, I really should not complain. Personally, I find most travel bloggers unlikeable. My entire reason for starting a blog was because I didn’t feel like anyone was approaching flight products from a normal person’s perspective. I follow most travel blogs, and with few exceptions, can say that most are run by rich kids or grumpy old men. 

a man holding a knee of another man

For those that haven’t experienced first or business, or have heard some pompous blogger wax poetic about how the seat wasn’t wide enough, the bed wasn’t long enough or the champagne wasn’t expensive enough, it’s all great, it’s all wonderful and I wish everyone could do it. Sure, there are varying levels of luxury, but it’s all great and it’s all luxury! You see those people getting cattle prodded to that narrow seat of doom on this long haul flight? They would kill to sit in that seat you are complaining about. Barring any insane circumstances, when I review, I think levels of superlative. Is it the best and highest level of luxury, or is it great? The bottom line is if you are flying business or first class it’s all great, it’s all wonderful and if you want to complain about it, someone like me will come along and make you look like an a**hole.

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Like I said, I’ve spent most of my life in coach. It’s how people travel. Six coach flights from New York to London in a year lead me to my wife. Whenever I get to “turn left” upon boarding, I don’t take it lightly. To this day, virtually all of the flights that I’ve flown up front in business or first have involved redeeming carefully gathered milesUsing miles has literally changed the way I travel and has afforded me many continued opportunities to fly business and first without the expense. What’s not to like?

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  1. Really good #engagement on this post. Also it’s a little bit crap to throw share at Ben S. in two links as “unlikable” (true) and “rich kid” (less true) since it’s not clear anyone knows what *you* do for a living either?

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