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Your most important prayers have been answered…

Flying can present many challenges these days, with inebriated passengers getting duct taped to seats, extreme weather cancelling flights and bags going on more exciting trips around the world than their owners. And once you’ve made it through the melee of the airport, you can always bet on one thing, and one thing only: the plane is going to be too hot, or too cold – never just right. Rather than turn to your suffering seat mate, there’s a new outlet for your complaints, and unlike your seat mate, it may help enact change!

a row of seats on an airplane2Hot2Cold – The Mobile App

The Association of Flight Attendants is the largest cabin crew union, with over 50,000 members spread across more than 20 airlines. It turns out, cabin crew don’t exactly enjoy roasting or wearing parkas over their uniforms either, and the trade group has created an “app” for that. 2Hot2Cold is the AFA’s new mobile app, available for free to passengers and cabin crew alike. Got a problem with the temperature? Just pull out your phone, start up the app and report the problem.

A Petition For Temperature Requirements

The AFA has not given you a new tool to complain about your travels out of the goodness of their heart. The app is designed to gather data points in support of proposed legislation the union would like enforced by the United States Department Of Transportation, requiring airlines to keep temperatures onboard regulated between 65-75F (18-24C), at all times. The union is hoping the app, and the inevitably enumerable complaints it will soon receive will serve as evidence that regulating cabin temperature is in everyone’s best interest.

A Great Call To Action

As extreme weather continues to make an impact on air travel, passengers face more and more situations where planes sit on tarmacs in extreme heat, or cold. If there was ever a self serving reason to launch an app, it’s this one – but at the same time, it’s going to amuse more passengers than anyone could possibly ever imagine. Too hot or too cold? There’s now an app for that…



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