Weather is unpredictable, prices are up and down but travel is better than ever, and more fun too. That’s because amazing apps are with you at every step. From the best time to leave for the airport to the tastiest eats in your destination, just about every travel puzzle has been solved.

Here are our favorite travel apps to make your journey just about perfect before you leave, when you’re at the airport and when you’re trying to figure out what to do in any city around the world. Oh, and good weather is sold separately.

a sign with arrows and directionsTripIt Pro

You may know the name, but this app is changing the game. In addition to notifications regarding travel reservations, flight changes, departure and arrival gates – the app is going further. The app automatically alerts you if an airline owes you money for a cancellation or delay, and also now gives up to the minute updates on airport security wait times, at an expanding array of airports. It also offers interactive airport maps, to make you feel like a know it all – at any airport.

Price: $39 / year. Download: TripIt

Google Translate

Need to translate a menu, a ticket terminal – or just talk to a local? Google Translate is truly revolutionary and makes you fluent in over 40 languages – kind of.  With the snap of a picture you can instantly translate any language. In addition, the app can listen to someone in a foreign language, detect the language and instantly translate it into your native tongue. This app makes us feel comfortable anywhere in the world.

Price: Free. Download: Google Translate

a table full of plates of foodUberEats

Anywhere in the world, sometimes the very best feeling is simply relaxing. UberEATS brings local restaurants directly to your door, whether you’re in a hotel, Airbnb or anything else. The app features in depth reviews, menus and descriptions, often with some of the best food in town. After a long flight, ordering in is tough to beat and this couldn’t be easier. They even come to hotels…

Price: Free. Download: UberEATS (code: “eats-ubergilbertott” earns discount)


Want to know if your flight will be delayed, long before anyone from the airline actually tells you? Obviously no one wants a flight delay, but knowledge is power. By searching your flight number on FlightRadar24, you can track the inbound aircraft, on it’s way to where you are. Obviously – if it’s late, you probably will be too, so you can consider alternate options before anyone else even knows! Plus, it’s fun just knowing what’s flying above you and where they’re going.

Price: Basic is free. Download: FlightRadar24

a city with lights and a mountain in the backgroundTimeOut

Maybe it’s just us – but we’ve lost a bit of trust with sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. Perhaps it’s because the #1 TripAdvisor ranked restaurant in London didn’t actually exist. TimeOut is one of the top resources for finding the best coffee, fine dining, cheap eats or best bars in almost any city in the world. By parsing through their top ten lists and other resources, we think you stand the best chance of venturing into a restaurant, bar, coffee shop or club that’ll impress.

Price: Free. Download: TimeOut


Price trackers are without a doubt the best tool anyone can use to save money on every flight they hope to book. Here’s how to use them like a pro, by the way. Kayak is not only one of the very best flight search engines, pooling together results from many booking sites – it also offers powerful price trackers, for free. Before booking any flights, you should always compare prices on Kayak. With this app, it’s easy.

Price: Free. Download: Kayak

a blue passport on a tableGoogle Maps

If you don’t already have this – you’re seriously missing out. Google Maps has long been great for getting directions, but the ability to download city maps offline, share your favorite hotspots with friends easily and now, give exact times and direction for using mass transit – incredible. The app even buzzes when it’s time to get off your train! It can even tell you when to leave for the airport. It’s latest feature? Augmented reality! It’s crazy, you’ve gotta see it.

Price: Free Download: Google Maps

Mobile Passport

If you’re flying to the US from abroad and don’t have Global Entry – this is a must. The app allows you to fast track many of the most time consuming immigration formalities in the USA and is a true “free” game changer. You can even take a selfie using your phone to get through. This is free, it saves time and means less time in front of the scary guys in uniform.

Price: Free Download: Mobile Passport

a bed and chair in a planeExpertFlyer

The swiss army knife for any frequent flyer. This app shows you upgrade availability, how many cheap tickets are left on any flight, how to score an entire row in economy and so many more goodies. The app/site offers tools which no other publicly available services offers. The ability to find last seats and upgrades on over 50 airlines cannot be underestimated.

Price: Basic is free. $9.99 a month for Premium. Download: ExpertFlyer


Does your camera capture your favorite travel moments in the same rich color and detail of your mind? Snapseed is the easiest photo editing app that makes things look vibrant and rich. If it’s on our Instagram page, chances are it was lovingly tweaked using the pre made settings or intuitive tools. And hey, it’s free.

 Price: Free. Download: Snapseed (Apple) Snapseed (Android).

Do you have 10/10? Whats’ your favorite? Any additions? Let us know!

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    1. FlightRadar24 is a bit more interactive and amusing in the meantime, whereas FlightAware is mostly historical, map data.

  1. I would use rather than Google maps. doesn’t need internet connection just gps and predownloaded maps.

  2. I must not tell a lie, I love Snapseed. Great tool to impress family and friends with out of this world photos. I some times feel bad not telling them that I use an editing app but oh well, our secret.

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