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2020 is the year to see Tokyo, and fortunately the airlines are actually making it kinda easy. Take today for example, where you can fly round trip premium economy from cities all over the USA on top airlines for $1000 all in. Lots of people will pay more for economy, so try not to be smug about it. Here’s how to snag one of these bargains to the country that’ll keep you coming back…

a wooden structure with a blue skyTokyo Premium Economy Deals

Tokyo is captivating unlike any place on earth. It’s advanced, it’s beautiful and it’s buzzing, but much to the surprise of some, it’s not actually manic. Thanks to the food, culture, parks and shopping, it’s a place you’ll find yourself coming back to, or at least trying to.

As for getting there, EVA Air and Delta have some superb premium economy offers at the moment with round trips from $1000 and up out of New York, Orlando, Los Angeles, Seattle, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Raleigh, Minneapolis and more below

The Delta flights are operated by the new Airbus A350, which is easily amongst the best plane for beating jag and EVA Air has a fantastic premium setup on the Boeing 777.

The Dates You Can Fly

You can fly whenever you want, but if you’re looking for these prices, you’ll want to aim for March, April or May, or then after summer in September, October or November. You’ll get the very lowest prices if you stay a week, but it’s only about a $100 premium for shorter trips.

Just FYI, Tokyo weather is just about perfect in either of those seasons, and this allows you to avoid peak summer heat – and the crowds from the Olympics. You’ll love it…

delta-premium-select-economyBooking Tokyo In Premium

Enough chit-chat, you got people to call, humble brag tweets to send out and a trip to Tokyo to plan. The only thing standing in your way is the flights to kick things off. We’ve made super easy to use links which take you directly to the lowest prices, so all you’ll need to do is swap dates for something that works for you, like…

Here’s why sushi in Tokyo is worth splurging on, and in case it’s your first time, here’s 10 things you’ve gotta try on your first visit to Tokyo. Be sure to visit places like Kyoto while you’re there, which area easily accessible via 2 hour bullet train rides, which are an awesome experience in their own. Enjoy Japan, it’s really hard not to…

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