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Handing someone $10 and getting $20 back is all kinds of awesome. Today only, Uber is offering a $20 gift card for $10. Through the offer, you can appear doubly generous to friends and family during the holidays, while maintaining a healthy balance. Here’s how to grab your gift card.

If you got an email from Uber, the deal is still available. Click the link from your email. Don’t use our link. For everyone else, this deal is now sold out. Congrats to the many readers who got $20 gift cards. 

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Uber and Raise have partnered to offer $20 Uber credit for $10. This is an awesome partnership between a great gift card reseller and our favorite way of getting around cities around the world. If you don’t already have an Uber account, sign up here to get extra money off!


A $20 gift card for $10 bucks, duh. This is as simple as it sounds. Pay $10, get $20 worth of Uber credit. This is an instantly valuable deal. Use it for yourself, friends, family – whatever. You can instantly add the $20 credit to your Uber account after purchasing, for $10.

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Now! Act fast. These deals are limited time, limited supply only, so when they’re gone – they’re gone. Don’t hesitate and miss out – if you want Uber money, of course.


Head to this page, which has the offer. These deals are now sold out. The gift card is only valid for travel in the US, so it won’t work if you’re in another region. Sorry! But if you’re in the U.S. and ride with Uber – this is a no brainer!

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  1. It’s a bait for Raise to get you to sign up for their account. Once you create a Raise account, you get directed to the payment page. It won’t complete the transaction and only tells you the item is not available. Terrible tactic! Should of told you it’s dead before you even sign up. The author of this article should also put a big fat sign and say the deal is DEAD! Shame on Raise for getting my e-mail address and some personal information with this scum like tactic!

  2. Have to agree with Moose. Went to the site from my email. Wasn’t told the deal was unavailable until I had “created an account” with Raise. Would never trust Raise again.

    Separately, love your blog, but RIGHT NOW what I see is “God Save The Points
    Today Only: Get A $20 Uber Gift Card For $10 Bucks…” No “big fat sign” in bold saying deal is dead. I would suggest that you not soil your reputation by associating with Raise. And don’t start using their click bait techniques.

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