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Ryanair has detailed plans for a mid summer return to travel, with up to 50% of flights expected back by late June and early July. When travel across borders does return, a new era of health and safety protocols will be ushered in, and we now know what to expect from a Ryanair flight.

A new Ryanair is here, and in some ways it may be better for everyone.

a plane on the tarmacFace Masks For Everyone

In an internal message, Ryanair’s Chief People Officer, Eddie Wilson told staff that masks will now be required for passengers and crew alike. All passengers will be required to cover their face and crew will be provided with their own, keeping both groups safe.

Ryanair also noted a future of reduced movement within the cabin, putting passengers and crew in fewer situations of close proximity.Those beloved sales pitches sound like they’re on the outs, or at least they’re going to be more efficient.

Blocked middle seats? Nope, that won’t be happening, but that was never going to work anyway.

No Cash On Board

It may sound odd to some, but for many businesses, cash became more expensive to accept than credit card payments in recent years. Airlines needed to trust staff not to skim, and also to arrange pickup and drop off of cash from the day, or week’s takings, which obviously isn’t free.

To help keep passengers and crew safe, cash will no longer be accepted for flights starting this summer, forcing contactless and credit card payment, a move. The move puts Ryanair in line with most airlines who ditched cash in recent years,  and to help pave the way, Ryanair will increase limits on contactless transactions.

Protecting The Summer Season

Pending border approvals, Ryanair is ambitious about saving as much of the summer season as possible and winning key markets where travel will be allowed. Low fares aren’t going anywhere, and once more is known about Ryanair’s schedule, expect a huge sale, with fares from just £5 one way.

With so many weary travelers, deals are how airlines will tempt passengers back into the skies and few airlines pull them off to the extent of Ryanair. We can only hope…

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