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There isn’t enough ink on the internet to properly document Thailand’s travel reopening. It’s been chaotic and confusing, with brief pockets of “wtf” and even some elation too.

To catch you up, it’s fairly standard now, just with a bit more red tape than some other countries. And with testing requirements dropped for fully vaccinated visitors, it’s now easier to enter than the United States.

As of June 1st, Thailand has introduced a speedier way of getting approved for entry into the country — and it’s great news for anyone hoping to book soon and jet off even sooner.

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Thailand Speeds Up Thailand Pass

There’s two things keeping most fully vaccinated travelers from hopping on a plane to Thailand. One, is proof of at least $10,000 in medical coverage for the trip. The second is is the ‘Thailand Pass’.

The ‘Thailand Pass’ is basically an application system for non-Thai visitors to enter the country. Prospective visitors upload their proof of insurance and their proof of health coverage (which has a lower $10,000 requirement now) and wait for approval.

Without approval, there’s no entry. Historically, it’s taken forever, too. Wait times were completely unpredictable and error messages while submitting forms were the norm.

As of the 1st of June, that all seems to have changed. Submissions for a Thailand Pass are typically being returned within minutes, not days or weeks. If you have aspirations of a last minute trip, these are now totally possible again, for the first time in years.

a landscaped garden with Doi Inthanon and a pond

Simpler Steps And A New Visitor Fee

Thailand has floated plans to scrap the Thailand Pass entirely, but those plans have not been realized. Similar ideas about ending travel health coverage requirements have also been proposed.

If Thailand would drop the ‘Thailand Pass’ and the coverage requirement, entry for fully vaccinated visitors would be as simple as booking a flight. For any unvaccinated visitors, it would simply require a test.

One thing that could make the health coverage requirement go away would be the introduction of Thailand’s long expected new visitor surcharge.

Thailand currently expects these visitor fees to be introduced sometime between August and September of 2022, and the 300THB fee — circa $8.50 — will cover health concerns. Well, so they say.

Thailand Trips Are Getting Easier

With testing requirements removed and fast approvals for the Thailand Pass, a trip to Thailand is easier now than it’s been in years. Stiff competition from Southeast Asian neighbors like Laos, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia are slashing entry restrictions by the day.

If you’ve got a last minute trip, or want to give in to the spontaneous urge of a mega getaway, you can do that now.

Thailand is incredible from North to South and values for hotels, food and tours remain staggeringly good as the country reopens. You can’t say that in Europe right now!

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    1. Time to get rid of that Thailand Pass!
      Unnecessary extra documentation before you even travel. Medical Ins. I can understand.

  1. I am living in Laos and it is still very difficult to visit Thailand for a short times because I cannot get insurence being over 75

  2. Going to Patong and surrounding areas next march 2023
    What are some ” awesome” temples and magical islands or beaches for day visits. Thanks

  3. It is money also matters, insurance? Why? It is utterly madness, who will do such a big insurance at once? They can expect only 5% tourist …

  4. ONG It took me three tries to finally get there inMay. Jan. Quarantine, 2nd try no Thailand pass 3rd try we did it !!! I want to live there now. I am a retired jazz singer, sales girl in Art gallery. I LOVE Thailand. It is beautiful and the people are very special. Sign me up for a 10 year visa.

  5. I think that’s enough with thai pass it’s so ridiculous let the airlines take control for covid vaccines. For insurance they can charge on the tickets 300 thai money or $ 8.50 and its done. We can deal with that. But this way thailand is loosening too much money going in to their people. I understand that government don’t give a shit much for their own people but it’s going to cost them in the future. Not really smart for the officials…

  6. I got a thailand pass december 2021. Im back in holland after finally visiting Thailand again. Is this Pass stil valid? IF so , till when??
    I m vaccinated 1st of december 2021 with Janssen. Had to do it to get the Thailand pass, not my choice, Till when is that valid. I donot fancy another vaccination.
    Please HELP. Plan to go back start November 2022.

    1. Your Thailand pass expires the day you leave Thailand. And you complain about having to get a vaccine to enter but tell me why you think vaccine number 2,3or 4 will hurt you when the vaccine you had protected you? Don’t you think it is time you grow a pair of balls, man up and help to protect us all?

  7. This insurance Thailand want,will my personal travel insurance policy cover it.Or do you have to get a separate one just for Thailand,can you help me in this question please.

  8. I have all the required documents to study (Celta) for a month in Thailand and they want more… I’m considering dropping plans to study there since the documentation seems never ending! You produce 10 of them and then they ask you for 5 more! How and why did it get this difficult to travel?

  9. Its good news for world tourism travellers to reopen Tailand. It would be better for ever make rules and regulation as much as easier to get pass then lot of tourists are going their from the all over the worlds like before covid19.

  10. I just came from Thailand. The Thai pass is much easier now than at the start of the year. However so many businesses gone broke. They desperately need tourists and government is so slow. No one cares about this flu anymore. Well, accept China. They still in lockdown.

  11. Thailand Pass may now only take minutes to obtain, but at Busy times you can have a wait of up to an hour for the Thailand Pass Arrival Clearance. Why cannot it have been processed by Immigration? Or is it something to do with your country of departure, hence the irregular Gate Parking Situation.

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