It’s not easy letting 50,000 people have their perfect moment…

It took 20,000 people almost 20 yearsto build the Taj Mahal for Shah Jahan, and now centuries later as many as 50,000 people visit per day to marvel at the marble icon, a tribute to Shah Jahan’s late wife.

After cleaning work put a damper on Taj Mahal vibes in 2018, the iconic mausoleum is back in form. Well, at least until they start cleaning it again. It’s a wonder of the world and even more wonderful to behold on any trip to India, yet new rules mean you need to pay attention before you actually scan your ticket. If you’ve got an upcoming trip, read up on the new tourist restrictions for visiting the Taj Mahal from 2019 onward…

Strict Ticket Window Times

The journey between Delhi and Agra can vary quite a lot by the day and method of travel. If you are planning to come just for the day, be sure to select a ticket time you’ll be in time for. As of last week, ticket entry windows will be strictly adhered to, and if you fail to show up in time you’ll be forced to purchase a brand new ticket for entry. No refund!

In off seasons, this isn’t a big deal, since you can easily walk up and buy a brand new ticket, but if you happen to be there on a peak day when crowds are near capacity, getting in could prove more difficult than one might like. Of course, staying at the Oberoi Amarvilas Agra makes the “on time” part easy…

taj mahal indiaThree Hours Or Pay Up

A ticket to the Taj Mahal costs 1100 Indian Rupees in 2019, which is equivalent to about £12.50 or $16.75. If you get caught up in the moment while capturing the perfect sunrise, sunset or just epic selfie angle and spend more than the three hour allotted time – you’ll also have to pay up.

Everyone deserves their Princess Diana moment, so if you are looking to visit when the mausoleum is least crowded, plan on an early morning visit, or perhaps mid morning after the sun is up.

Strict new limits will be enforced to curb crowd overflow, so get in, get snapping and be ready to leave under the 3 hour mark or pay another 1100 Rupees per person. If you’ve come all that way and are transfixed, it could be worth it though…

Oh, and don’t forget that it’s closed on Fridays…

HT: Lonely Planet

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