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Generally when you find business class deals below £1500, they involve traveling to another city – just to grab a deal. The same for £308 round trip flights that include a checked bag, in an award winning economy cabin. That’s not the case here. Virgin Atlantic has launched their biggest London sale of the year, just in time to tempt you into travel!

a city next to waterThe Deals

Virgin Atlantic have sales in each cabin – making this a deal for any UK based flyer whose looking for an excuse to jet off in 2018. Economy starts at £308 round trip, premium £730 and Upper Class at just £1389. Since we’ve already made the best and easiest guide to upgrading on Virgin, turning any of these deals into an even better deal is a breeze. Don’t worry, we’ve made a summary of all the best deals, like….

£308 London to Boston – Economy – Round Trip.

£390 London or Manchester to Orlando – Economy – Round Trip.

£416 London to Los Angeles – Economy Round Trip.

£584 London to Dubai – Premium Economy – Round Trip.

£734 Manchester to Las Vegas – Premium Economy – Round Trip/

£760 London to Miami, New York or Boston – Premium Economy – Round Trip.

£1389 London or Manchester to New York or Boston – Upper Class – Round Trip.

inside a plane with rows of seatsThe Dates

These fares are valid for virtually all of 2018, though advance purchase requirements of at least 21 days, and in some cases – 100 days!!!! apply. Simply click the fares in the deal and search.

a row of chairs in a planeHow To Book

All these deals can be booked by clicking here. The sale has all the best fares in one place – we just figured we’d highlight which fares are actual deals, versus the ones they tell you are deals. There’s a difference, you know. This is an exciting sale and at these prices there’s no reason to hesitate.

Where are you going in 2018?

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  1. Maybe the section headed “I Want To Upgrade Using Miles, How Do I Know If That’s Available?” needs to be updated. It seems Virgin has changed how the process works — or I’m just not following your directions. Thx

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