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There’s economy, then there’s Singapore economy…

If there’s any destination that’s always worth the investment, it’s gotta be Tokyo. Perhaps its because there are apologies when trains leave early and not late, or because the sushi is even better than you’ve heard, or because people treat literally everything with respect. The city is a right of passage for any traveler, but if that doesn’t sound appealing enough, behind door No.2 sits the majestic city of Hong Kong. Singapore Air has launched a massive U.S. sale to Tokyo and Hong Kong, with some of the best deals of the year in economy and premium…

a large white airplane in the skyThe Singapore Air Deals

America is celebrating the year they wasted lots of perfectly good tea and beat the British to win their independence, with the 4th of July weekend. Singapore Air is joining in on the big weekend, offering one of their best deals of the year to Tokyo or Hong Kong, at just $550 all in, round trip in economy. If Premium Economy is more your style, and you’d like to experience the world’s best offering, Singapore is out with $899 round trip premium fares from San Francisco to Hong Kong, and $1199 Los Angeles to Tokyo. There are great deals to Singapore from New York as well. You may find other airlines at similar prices, but for direct flights on a five star airline, these deals are tough to beat. The very best deals are available exclusively in the Singapore Air mobile app, by clicking “special offers”.

a red building with a tall tower with Sensō-ji in the backgroundThe Dates

These deals are designed to kick off your 2019 with the excitement of an awesome trip. You can jet off anytime between January 10th and May 31st 2019. You’ll find these deals for departures between Monday and Thursday. Deals this good don’t last a lifetime, so if you want in, you’ll need to book by July 9th. Deals may dry up before then, so don’t hesitate if this is the deal for you…

a city skyline with many lightsHow To Book

These deals are available directly through Singapore Air, using their special promotion page. Deals like $999 round trip Premium Economy on a five star airline are virtually unheard of and is the best price we’ve seen on Singapore Premium Economy to Asia. At $575 in economy, you’re getting one of the most spacious economy seats and refined experiences, at the same price or better as many discount airlines.Singapore Air makes it easy to find the best flight deals, using their flexible calendar tool. Here’s the special promotion page, so get booking, before it’s too late! And if you’re going to Tokyo, here are a few tips to get you started.

Are you jetting off to Asia?

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  1. SQ Premium Economy seat is tight. There are better offers like air China who offer much wider seats on their 777

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