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Some addictions, there’s just no coming back from. Once you’ve started maximizing points, spending your time in the air and in luxury hotels, living better than your days on the ground, there’s just no turning back. There is simply no cure. If you or one of your loved ones is concerned that full blown fever may have hit- we’ve prepared a WebMD style list of symptoms…

a plate of food with sauce and vegetablesYou Go To Great Lengths To Put The Entire Dinner Bill On Your Card, Taking Everyone’s Cash…

Those fools! If they only knew that the 3X points you get on dining would be the cause of their envy when they see you in first class, they’d never just fork over cash when you go out. If the worry that your friends and family will catch onto this phenomenon worries you, you’re 1/1 on the symptom list.

You Have A Card That Maximizes Every Possible Purchase Category…

Leaving points on the table ruin your day? Yes, symptom number two is now confirmed. As it should be! Why settle for 1X points for each dollar spent on travel when you could lock in up to 5x. I’d be ill too if I was missing out on 5X the points with every purchase I make.

a black wallet with a blue and black designYour Friday Nights Are Spent Looking For Discount Gift Cards To Resell to Earn Mega Points…

All those suckers, spending their Friday nights out on the town. If you feel more comfortable browsing the web for great discounts on gift cards you can turn around without taking a loss- netting thousands of points in the process, you definitely are a stage three credit card points fanatic. Why spend $50 bucks on drinks when you could earn 5,000 points in a night?

When You See A Credit Card- You Instantly Visualize Transfer Partners

Call the doctor. There really is no coming back from this. If you watch others put down their credit cards at the cash register only to immediately find yourself considering which airlines or hotels you could transfer those points to– and which partners you could then turn around and book- you are nowhere near rehab.

You’ve Opened Checking Accounts Or Credit Cards Just To Get The Bonuses

You thieving devil! You really are addicted. But as they say, you’re not alone- and hey, they make the offers- we just use them. Once you start playing musical money chairs, opening accounts and cards purely for the sake of rewards- you know you’re a lifer. Just make sure to get a mortgage first- unless you want to become a travel blogger and live in the air and five star hotels off your points. Not a bad option, come to think of it.

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